Monday, March 10, 2014

Pattern Review: Rain's Flutter Top from EYMM

It seems like a rather busy week around here.  I have all my inventory entered for the consignment sale (I head out of town Wednesday and Thursday), but I still have a handful of stuff to hang and tag.  I'm trying to get myself all caught up before I go, but I'd rather be sewing, so I keep getting distracted, lol.

AND I did another tester that released today that I REALLY want to share..

Rain's Flutter top from Everything Your Mama Made and More!  Kymy has this cool new line she is working on that she calls her "pinspired" line.  This line is full of the the trendiest looks for the season - and if this one is an indicator of what's to come - this line will be totally in.

The details:
Available in two size groups: NB through size 18 (tween/teen)  and XS-5X
Made for knits, but people were finding that going up a size worked with drapey wovens.
Multiple hem options: un-hemmed, rolled hem, traditional hem
Fast, easy sew - great for beginners

A cute flowy top that is easy to sew with the coolest sleeves.  This top I used a double knit, so the inside is cool stripes, and left the hem raw, around the outsides but hemmed the neckline... She loves it - ran around the house flying all day.  Oh wait, that makes more sense if you see the sleeves...

She calls herself  Flying Princess Rainbow Unicorn....  Really, if you call her Inara in this shirt, she won't answer.  With a name like Rain's Flutter top, this shirt was screaming for some UITR, right?  I know its directional, and unless you want to add a shoulder seam to keep the unicorns from being upside down, I wouldn't use directional prints for this top (see shoulder seam below).  Adding the shoulder seam to keep the print right side up, added a total of maybe 5 more minutes to a shirt that takes a total of about 30 minutes if you decide to hem it.  Yes, this top takes like 30 minutes- which is an even bigger win in the house of small people constantly climbing all over me...

And (avert your eyes!) I decided to make myself one also (the women's version is called Storm's Flutter Top) - the fabric was $1.50 on clearance at my local Walmart, and is a light-weight sweater knit that I just love.

I might have gotten in on the flying action too...

I thought that some mommy-daughter shots would be cute... Inara thought otherwise...
Honey, just LOOK at the CAMERA! ... Mom, you look ridiculous.
If you're looking for Rain's top it's available here for $5.95
If you're looking for Storm's it's available here for $5.95
OR grab the bundle here- which is an amazing deal at $8.95


  1. Did you really mean years here: Available in two size groups: NB-18yrs and XS-5X

    1. I'll go clarify that now - its NB through size 18. :)