Monday, March 3, 2014

Pattern Review: Everyday Play Dress

Gotta love new designers, right?   When the designer posted in my favorite small pattern discussion group Pattern Pity, I immediately recognized her from a lot of the custom knit fabric groups.  Let's skip over the discussion on how painful it is to miss out on some of those pretties while I get through my 100 items (by the way I'm at 93!!! We'll talk more about that this week).

Crossover Bodice Option
 If you don't frequent the custom knit fabric groups, here is who the lovely designer is... Tami, is the WAHM behind Dunk n Fluff, which has been around for ages.  In fact, this pattern, is one she's been using for her shop and people loved it so much, she decided to bite the bullet and join the designer side of the house.  And I am Oh-so-glad she did.

The details:
The Everyday Play dress can be purchased HERE  <code Playdress gets first 100 purchases 15% off>
Pattern is very reasonably priced at $8.95.
There is no silly cottage license or anything - so you can guilt free sew and sell from this pattern. 
The dress goes from sizes 12/18mo through size 8.
There are two bodice options - crossover and basic
And two sleeve options - short and long.
The dress is made in all knits and is PERFECT for knit beginners.
     *it even includes some great knit tips for newbies, and one I had never heard but am so glad I know now!
It's a nice fast sew - an hour ish?  (Really, someone PLEASE remind me to get a timer!)

Basic Bodice Option

I was added on at the end to take some pretty pictures, so I missed most of the testing process, but I did have some minor notes to pass on to Tami, and she was very receptive to them.  Again, always a positive note for me.  It's a great thing to see a new designer, who has TONS of sewing experience be receptive to feedback. 

The construction of this dress gives a lovely, finished look, and the mix and match options that you can do with the crossover bodice make it very versatile.

For  the crossover version, I used this gorgeous cotton/lycra rose knit from Purple Seamstress for the front crossover and skirt.  I then used this peachish cotton interlock for the sleeves, under cross, sleeves and back.  And finished it up with a cotton/lycra deep reddish-pink ribbing.  Not our usual style, but Inara says she's a Spring Princess, and loves it.

She says "one more pic or I punch!"

For  the basic version, I used some cotton lycra scrap in the black with flowers (you can't tell, but they have pretty silver detailing), the skirt is a cotton blend that I got on clearance ages ago, and the sleeves are a cotton jersey.  Then I used some leftover pink ribbing for the neckline.  It's a lot of print combos, so I was a little nervous, but I really think it came together well.  And, again, she loves it.  Amazingly, she's had it on all day, so it's definitely a win in this house!

If you're new to knits and looking for something to start with, I would jump on this pattern.
If you're an old hat, grab it anyways, its a great pattern, and you'll get tons of use out of it!

Tami, thank you for allowing me to test!  It was a total pleasure and I wish you the best success with your new venture!

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  1. Thank you for the sweet review Alyssa! It was a pleasure working with you. :)