Saturday, March 22, 2014

Last challenge of the PQ season, and man was my inner quilter on vacay this week!

 So I started this week determined to finish out this season of PQ strong.  And I read the challenge on Sunday and pulled out a couple quilt books and flipped through them.  Then on Monday I googled "triangles."  On Tuesday I posted on my Facebook wall asking my friends what "triangles" made them think of, and received some very helpful replies (Pizza, Doritos, Pie.... notice a theme?)  On Wednesday I asked in a little sewing group I am in, and got some slightly more sewing related replies.  But nothing was jumping at me... and then Thursday rolled around and I went back and looked through all the suggestions I had and decided on one from my friend Cara.  I also decided it was a good time to make something for Justin, since he never gets anything.  **In my defense, he refused to pose for testers**

The Triforce... if you don't know is the iconic symbol from the video game Zelda.  So I started here: 
So A - this is REALLY boring looking, I know.  B - the weird mark on the floor is from when I used too sticky tape to tape a quilt backing down to sandwich... I will eventually figure out how to get it off. C - At this point I was stuck again.

So going retro..  Did any of you play Zelda?  When we were teens we BEGGED my mom for a Nintendo64.  I had to promise to be nice to my brother for like a whole year.  And we got it and Ocarina of Time for Christmas I think (is it sad that I can't remember that far back??).  Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are to this day my FAVORITE Zelda games.  And probably in my top games of all time. I don't want to talk about the stupid pony race part, though. 

Ocarina of Time had these three temples you need to restore: earth, fire, and water...  Aha!  Next idea...

We will not discuss how much unpicking we needed to get the triangles to line up relatively nice.  OH!  I forgot! My friend +Kimberly Odell  bought me this:

When it arrived, I thought... why is she sending me a pet groomer?!  I was insulted for a moment, and then she explained.  This is THE COOLEST seam ripper.  It took me seconds to undo the rows I botched.  So if you're like me and make more mistakes than you probably should admit to... this is pretty awesome.

Okay, back to work... Each of the three elements has a symbol to go with it, so I added them on as well in the form of appliques.  Then I picked a pretty purple for the backing and it was time to quilt..  I did some stitching in the ditch around the big triangle and the Tri-force.  Then AGAIN I was stuck.  Seriously, where was my brain this week?  Here's what I went with:

Points for creative FMQing at least?  Each stright part got one of Link's (the hero) weapons: slingshot, bow and arrow, and sword.  And  then in the corners I added three more well known symbols from the game:  1/2 of a life heart (if you played this game you can now hear that annoying beep-beep in your head), a blue rupee, and a key.

I also added the words that the Triforce pieces symbolize into the middles:
 Power. Wisdom. Courage.
If I had my own sewing Tri-force, I think it would read: Procrastination. Inspiration. Improvisation. 

Then I did some swirls on the border pieces and it was time for binding.

Guess what?  I got stuck AGAIN.  I don't have a lot of solids in my stash anymore, and since I'm working through another set of 50 before I can shop again, I was sort of limited.  I did have some pre-made binding on hand and decided to go with that...

  Okay, color wise I KNEW the yellow went best, but see how it was folded poorly?  It made it look yucky when it was against the darker colored border.  o I looked at the others, hated them, and unfolded and re-ironed the yellow.  It really was the best choice.

The details: 
Size - 33" on each side
Fabrics used: Michael Miller (green), Moda (Yello blender), In the 
beginning (red and blue), and purple (Kona).

And here is my finished project - Oh, a name... ack... (stuck again... seriously??)  How about...

Hey! Listen!  <memorable catchphrase by the game's most annoying character>

Here's the link to the Voting!  Click the little heart on your four favorites to help pick the people's choice for this final challenge of the season!


  1. It's great!

    And I laughed when I read your comment about Justin not posing for tester photos! :)

  2. Oh.... and so WHAT if I was hungry and on a diet and couldn't eat tasty triangle-shaped treats so gave them to you as quilt inspiration........ I still think Doritos would've been sah-weet! :)

  3. This is hilarious, and super creative. I swear the best ideas come from the absolute bottom of the barrel!

    1. Sometimes I think my process is more interesting than the finished product LOL

  4. Love this! So nerdy and awesome. Glad to hear your thought process all the way through... especially with the challenges that came up.

  5. Alyssa it turned out great! I am not a quilter but love seeing what others came up with.

  6. I don't know the game, but that is very cool! I love all your little details!

  7. I believe unfiltered brainstorming comes up with the best inspiration. You proved it here!

  8. It's fun to hear the story behind a quilt :) And as a qualified nerd myself, I love it!