Monday, March 10, 2014

Pattern Review: Greenstyle Creations Centerfield Raglan

So I rarely (as in like next-to-never) sew for myself - in fact, the last clothing item I made myself was for my brother's wedding in August.  At some point this winter I made myself a scarf as well, but that's about it.

Recently I decided it was time to try some healthier eating habits and find my figure again under all this fluff, so I've started a slow, and somewhat bland journey.  Since the "exercise" I can do is really limited - changing my eating habits is probably the most efficient way for me to lose some weight.

Then GreenStyleCreations posted a tester call... and I thought, well, maybe this is a good place to start - I NEED some new shirts, and I'd love to have a *before* *after* deal that I can do with the same style shirt in like 6 months .... Do you know when the last time I bought a shirt for myself was?  Um.... I think before Connor was born LOL

So despite hating picture of myself, I signed up, and I am SO glad I did.
The details:
Goes from sizes XXS to 3XL
Lightly fitted shape that totally flatters the body.
Short, 3/4, or long sleeve options
Ruched sleeve and/or side seam options
Rounded or straight hem options
Scoop or traditional neckline options.
Optional elbow patch shapes

Wow, laid out like that, there really are a lot of options for this shirt!

My first shirt took me a little over an hour to print, tape, cut, sew.  I did the scoop neck, 3/4 sleeves.  I used some of my yummy Doctor Who c/l Knit from Nikki at The Fabric Igloo (giggle at the name- they are in Canada), and cut the body out from a t-shirt I bought on clearance from Walmart for $3.  This is the first one:

I love this shirt so much that you all have to see my pictures!
So the sleeves may look a little wide to you, don't worry, that was fixed in testing.  But if you'd like to think I have abnormally slender arms, that's okay too. ;)  By the way, this shirt is #99 out of my 100 items!

And then I made one for my friend Heather, in a size medium.... also cut from 2 clearance t-shirts (woohoo! for turning to ugly huge shirts into one awesome one).  Heather makes a much better model for my 100th item!!!

She doesn't like this picture - I think she looks fab!
She's already requested a whole bunch more - even her husband liked it!  And because I loved my first one so much, I decided I wanted to do one more before the testing ended... this one is regular neckline, 3/4 sleeves and ruched sides.  I used ribbing for the collar and sleeves, and the body is an c/l from a company called JBJ Fabrics, that I'm not sure is actually around anymore - but man is this fabric soft!

Do we love my totally accidental pattern centering???
So keep checking back, I think I will make one of these a month to see my progress :)  Maybe I'll make more, just because I love it... You should too.

The pattern is available here on the Greenstyle Creatiosn website.  AND today and tomorrow the code "centerfield" will get you $1 off the already awesome price!


  1. Love it!!! Already bought it. Already planned a Dr. Who one too. Great job!

    1. Thanks! I was SO excited to find something to use my Dr. Who for!

  2. Really love it, and you look hot, momma!!

  3. Looks great Alyssa! I am going to check in monthly to see your progress!