Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pattern Review: Children's Pants No. 2 from E+M Patterns

Happy pattern review day!  I don't think that's *actually* a day, but I'm mildly delirious.  Ever since Daylight Savings, my kids have become nocturnal.  I think it may be taking a slight toll on my sanity.  Sanity is overrated, right?

When Allison of E+M Patterns posted her tester call, I thought two things (1) her FB name makes me giggle, and (2) those pants look awesome.  So I did the sign up and cross my fingers thing (I do that a lot - its funny, but it still makes me sad for a moment when I don't get picked - then I realize I get to look forward to the pattern releasing and it goes onto my "wish list" till then, and I perk right up).

The Details:
Sizes: 2yrs through 10yrs
Pants or Shorts option
Optional hip pocket
Optional hip pocket ruffle
Gathered or Pleated back pocket options.

AND (this is the best) complete instructions on creating fully enclosed seams for a professional finish without a serger!

The pattern itself is very well written with clear step by step instructions.  For the pants, I followed along with the "no serger" main instructions.  It did take a little more time than sewing with my serger would have, but I absolutely love how professional the finished look is (inside and out).

Gathered pocket option

My daughter is weirdly sensitive about seams (for some reason only with wovens not knits), so it was exciting to make a pair of pants that she wore and didn't get all upset about the seams bothering her.  And she got tons of compliments on them.  The reinforced french seam on the crotch (with the great added stitching to secure that seam even) gives these pants a completely finished look.  The waistband has a lightweight interfacing in it that helps it keep its shape, without being uncomfortable on the child.
Optional hip pockets

And as nice as the pants are, Allison added a shorts line (*and the note to cut 1" shorter than the line for girls* - I add this note, because I used the boy line for Inara's, so if you like shorter ones, then you can always adjust).
My model is a nut
The separate waistband, pocket bands, back and hip pockets all combine to give you lots of mix and match options with this pattern.  Which makes it fun to give it your own flair.  I did use my serger for the shorts, to speed myself along a little, as the 2 days out of town sort of threw me into turmoil, lol.  If you want to skip all the fancy seams like I did for the shorts, you just follow along these boxes that are in the pattern for the steps you can use your serger on instead. 

Even though I used my serger, I did the top-stitching on the seams still.  This actually made Inara much happier too, so maybe I should do them on everything....  

Time estimate, I would say all the french seams add maybe 30 mins of work, to a pattern that is maybe a 90 minute sew for a not-so-fast-easily-distracted seamstress like me. I'm also kind of excited (and a little sad) that little man will probably fit in these before summer is out, but definitely in time for fall!

If you'd like to see more boyish pics there is a tester album on her Facebook page! 

The pattern is available here, for $7.00.

You definitely won't be disappointed in the professional construction and finished product from this pattern. 

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