Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pattern Review: GYCT Seaside top and dress

I saw a tester call for this super cute top that was unisex and had a dress option, and decided to jump on it.  It was perfect for both kids.  And as it seems to be getting slightly warmer around here, I thought light weight long sleeves would be nice.  Plus, I've done a lot of girl testers lately, and I don't want little man to feel left out!  Introducing the Seaside Summer Top (and Dress) from Get Your Crap Together Designs!

 The details:
Available in sizes 6mo to size 8.
Four sleeve options:  long, short, flutter, and sleeveless
Two length options: shirt or dress (with or without sash)
This is a great beginner pattern - no buttons, no zippers. 
The neckline is the only curved part to sew.

Cutting + sewing for the tunic took under an hour.

GYCT is breaking into the PDF clothing world with some great beginner patterns with easy to follow directions and LOTS of pictures for the visual learners.  If you get a chance to check out her blog too, there are some great organizing tips there!

For the first couple tops, I went with some beach-y themed prints... Mermaids for Inara and some RB Pirates for Connor.  

This pattern went through two extensive rounds of testing to get the fit just right, and I think Chelsea has nailed it.  Patterns for woven fabrics that slip over the head are hard to fit, and I was amazed at all the great testers who happily made more than one of these as the pattern evolved.
Does the beach not totally go with this shirt??
I will say, if your squish has a big noggin, you may want to measure the opening before you sew up your side seams, but I had no issue with the fit of mine on either kiddo.
Don't mind the mess - he loves water beads

The top is recommended for woven fabrics, but I whipped a quick knit one up in this cute Pacman Knit from Sweet N' Charmed Fabrics, and it works quite well in knit too!
Don't mind the terrible pic - we were at LiveYers
The nice part of doing it in knit is that you don't need to do the placket as low as I did in the front.  Plus, the neckline was changed after this one, making in wider, allowing for the less plunging placket as well.

In round two, I decided to whip up a short sleeved on for Inara, since she complains so much about long sleeves - and used this gorgeous Michael Miller from Lori's Country Corner.  

And Connor got a more boyish bug fabric print (also Michael Miller)...

He wouldn't put the phone down, but don't you love that little face <3

This whole testing experience was fun and the kids have some great new spring tops to wear - I think I'll make up a dress with flutter sleeves for Inara when I have some more time.  The tester pics of those were WAY cute.    Keep your eyes on Chelsea, she brings a great eye for design to the PDF world!

You can get your copy of the Seaside Summer Top and Dress here!

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