Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer Surprise Anniversary Tour

Hi! And welcome to Day two of the Summer Surprise Anniversary Tour for Sofilantjes.

Let me start with a huge thank you to Deb of Sprouting Jube Jube and Anne, the designer behind Sofilantjes for letting me participate.

One year ago I applied for a pattern pre-test for a new designer.  The designer seemed really friendly, and I was excited to see something new.  I even wrote a review on my blog about it.  And right then I was hooked on Anne and her way of testing.  She was sweet, involved, friendly, and over the top to make sure that the pattern fit just right.  I've loved spending the last year sewing more of her patterns and watching her style and shop grow.

So here we are, one year later, and I'm excited to tell you that Anne has revamped and updated the pattern a bit and here's what you get:
The pattern comes either bundled or in two size ranges 6mo-7 or 7-12, and the pattern has skinny sizing from 12mo - 12 that is included.
The pattern comes with three lengths - top, tunic and dress
The pattern is made for knits and has a pretty inverted pleat on the front and bow detail on the back.
Layered print option.
So elegant lol
Since this is a blog tour and Deb said to be creative... and she has 5 traditional Summer Surprises that she wears all the time (we really like this pattern lol), I decided to fancy it up a bit.  Using the pattern pieces for the top, I took a few inches off the bottom of it and added a circle skirt.

Quick interlude to tell you about the fabrics... I used the Art Gallery Petal and Plume knits from Whimsical Fabric for the dress.

 As soon as I applied for the tour, I ordered these fabrics, even though I wasn't sure yet how I planned on *hacking* the pattern. 

If you've never used Art Gallery knits before -- they are ah-mazing.  So soft and nice to work with.

 The twirl is just fantastic.  An Inara fancies herself a princess with her elegant summer dress.... which I think explains her choice of head-wear.

Seriously, the epitome of elegance.

In order to celebrate the Sofilantjes anniversary, this pattern is on sale.  The code "Anniversary" will get you 25% off on the pattern on the Sofilantjes website.  AND to make the celebration even more awesome, there is a giveaway every day for the duration of the blog tour.  Here's today's giveaway:

 Day 2 giveaway

-Serger Pepper Designs, winner's choice
-Lily Bird Studio, winner's choice
-Cole's Corner and Creations, winner's choice
-Paisley Roots, All Spice
-Kelly J Designs, winner's choice
-Laela Jeyne Patterns, winner's choice
-KB Stitch Design, winner's choice
-Sofilantjes, winner's choice

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And don't forget to check out all the other awesome bloggers for more ideas on how to be creative with this pattern AND to enter all the giveaways for the week!

Congrats to Anne for such an awesome first year, and I wish you many more!


  1. I love this one!! And all the other Summer Surprises you have made! They suit your girl so well!

  2. What a pretty hack you did!
    And of course, now I'm curious about Art Gallery knit fabrics!!! Help!!!

  3. Tell Princess Mar she looks lovely!

  4. Tell Princess Mar she looks lovely!

  5. I really love this dress and Inara suits it to a T! Great hack to an greater pattern.

  6. I really love this dress and Inara suits it to a T! Great hack to an greater pattern.

  7. I don't have to tell you what I think, your stuff always looks amazing :) The twirly skirt is just great!

  8. She is beautiful as Always. I love that face. Thank you, you really sweet and beautiful person.