Thursday, May 7, 2015

Women's Bundle Up Blog Tour: Jillian and Clemence

Have you seen enough BundleUp awesomeness yet?? No, of course not!

Seriously though, this bundle has been one of my all time favorites... so here I am to show you a little more of the bundle up on me.

Here I am wearing my Jillian Top from Greenstyle Creations and my Clemence shorts from Filles a Maman.

Let's start with the details.  First the Jillian.
Sizes: XXS to 3XL (bust 32" - 47")
wrap style racer back outer tank can be made in knit or woven
Inner tank, can be done as a tank, sports bra, or bandeau and is made from knit
REALLY fast to sew, and not a big fabric hog at all

And the Clemence:
Sizes: 00 to 24 (hips 33.25" - 52")
Short or Bermuda length
3 different style accents: 2 scallops and 1 flap
Made for wovens, and look really nice in a stretch woven. 

How am I doing at not looking awkward?  Justin is out of town so I hired Inara to take pictures for me.  She's not a half bad photographer for being 6.  She tells me that I'm "super weird" in front of the camera, though lol.  

I'd say that the sewing time on the Jillian was probably about 90 minutes for both pieces.  I did the bandeau for my inner tank, using a plain black cotton/spandex performance knit.  For the outer... This is exciting for me... I dyed my own fabric!!  The print is a custom knit from The Fabric Igloo, but because I never remember to order pre-orders when I want them, I actually got it from the host's Hyena Cart (Knits & Giggles).  I ordered one of the dyeing kits she stocks and got my fabric, gloves, mask, dyes, and soda ash all in a nice little package.  
Kind of neat, right?  So I took this pretty innocent looking white and black fabric and gave it a very *me* twist.  I'm kind of addicted to dying things now, and I really love the personal touch it gave this shirt, without it being over the top.

Jillian What I loved: I will definitely be wearing this shirt a lot this summer (I like how my tattoo shows, hmmmm.. I feel like that's an awesome trend with this bundle too!), and I love how it fits, an I definitely love all of the options that are included in it.

Jillian What I'd change:  There is only one thing that I would probably constantly change when making this.  The waistband is cut on the fold, so there is only one seam when its sewn.  I put this seam lined up with one of the side seams, but the obsessive part of my brain wants the seams to be symmetrical, but I feel like that is just me being a bit weird.  

And my awesome shorts.   I actually pre-tested this pattern.  I made the Bermudas for the pre-test because I am a bit self-conscious about my thighs, and I will tell you that SO much care went into making the fit just right on this pattern.  There are instructions on how to adjust the waist, so if you're like me and your hips are significantly bigger than your waist, your shorts won't fall down!  (Don't laugh, the struggle is real :p)

So for this post, I originally was going to make another pair of Bermudas, but it's been warm, and I really want to own a couple pairs of actual shorts... so I went for it!  And I really like them.  I used a stretch denim with a sort of tie-dye looking print on it that I found at Joann's. 

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm pretty, bottom heavy, so I HATE making bottoms for myself out of anything other than knit for PJs.  I can only fit a couple brands of store bought jeans that will fit over my hips and not be all weird and huge at the waist.  These shorts fit amazingly well.  I followed the instructions for adjusting the waist that are included in the pattern, and I am 100% sure that they aren't going to show my underwear when I sit, and my hips fit!

Clemence What I Love: I love how easy it is to adjust the shorts to make them fit nicely at both the hip and waist.  And I love how easy the pattern was to follow.  And that there are multiple lengths included.

Clemence What I'd Change: I think my next pair, I may cut them just a little longer than the short pattern calls for.  But, the pattern does have a length chart, I just didn't measure myself first!

And just to crack you up... Photographer Inara choce the pose.... She said I wasn't being cool enough with my awesome outfit... so here you go... BundleUppers UNITE!  (She calls is the Superhero pose)

So the bundle is almost over, but there have been lots of blogs of all the different patterns... so check them out!!

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