Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pattern Review: Leila's Everyday Blouse from Little Kiwi's Closet

There are certain things that are a staple in any little girl's wardrobe - this is one of them.  And the variety of options that come with this pattern, make it even better. 

Leila's Everyday Blouse from Little Kiwi's Closet is really a gorgeous pattern.

Puff Sleeve, Collar with trim, and buttons.
The details:
Sizes:  9mo through 8yrs
Two collar options:  regular collar (instructions to add trim/piping), and ruffle collar.
Multiple sleeve options:  short puff with band, short puff with elastic, cap sleeve, long flowy sleeve, puff with long sleeve addition, and flutter sleeve.
Two hemline options:  Straight or curved.

Collar with trim, Cap sleeve, curved hemline and buttons

As is the trend with Lydia's patterns - they go through an awesome, extensive testing period.  Would you believe this pattern started out with one hem, two collars, and two sleeves!  I love testing for Lydia and and seeing her "wait, should I add a <insert idea> option??"  I wish my brain were as creative as hers. 

I think that my favorite option for all of them is the ruffle collar.  I wasn't sure when I first decided to try it how it was going to look, but once I did it, I'm in love.  And so is Inara - she pulls this shirt out as soon as it comes out of the wash to wear it again.  This one is the original size ruffle collar, it was made slightly shorter, which I have a pic of too!
Ruffle collar, cap sleeve, curved hem, buttons
How cute are the wooden toggles I used for the buttons in this one?? I was stumped when I got done with the shirt and asked in the Little Kiwi's Closet Pattern Group and one of the awesomely helpful ladies there suggested wooden toggles - talk about an awesome suggestion. 

Ruffle collar, puff sleeve with long sleeve addition, curved hem, and snaps!
I want to show you a close up of this last one, because I realized when I did the Asian inspired one how cool the stitching used to stitch the facing down looked, and I did it in a contrasting color on this one...  You can leave this off and just stitch the back facing down if you *really* want, but I really like the detail the stitching adds.

How pretty is that detail?!?
The pattern is easy to follow, with clear pictures and lots of explanation.  The finished product looks so professional, and the pattern has all the steps you need to sew with or without a serger.  And, if you get stuck at all, join Lydia's Facebook group and everyone is always so helpful.  She's in NZ, so she might not get back to you when its the middle of the night for her (though she seems to be ALWAYS UP!), but there are plenty of US based fans who are there to help as well!

Just a shot so you can see the curved hemline and the back.
The pattern is available for sale here in the Little Kiwi's Craftsy Shop.  And if you are looking for a skirt to put with it - I highly recommend the Twirly skirt ( look at the gorgeous version in the shirt listing!!)

If you're new to Little Kiwi's Closet, join the pattern group and check out all of her patterns - they are some of my absolute favorites!

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