Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I may have lost my mind :)

So, as I stated a few days ago, I reached my hundred items!! WOOHOOO, right? I want to do a quick recap of them to point out some of my favorites, and then let you know where I'm going from here. 

First of all, this has been GREAT for getting my stash (slightly) under control.  Second, it's been kind of a fun bonding event.  If you need some motivation, its a really positive group, just there to support each other in whatever our goal is. Creating 100 items or more is really a great concept for those of us who might just be a little bit on the hoarder side of fabric buying. 

 Tulip Tunic and Dress from Heidi and Finn

She has already worn a hole in this one, so it is in the pile to get repaired... wish me luck!

Connor modelling my vintage style headband - free craftsy pattern.  I seriously love this thing and wear it all the time.

These are one of my all time favorite sews... Free pattern for little baby dolls turned into Minions.  Connor loves these guys.

Is it embarrassing that I can get an entire Peppermint Swirl (Candy Castle Patterns) out of my stash without blinking an eye?

Mini Angel Girl from Ellie Inspired - this is my favorite one of all of the doll clothes I did.  I love the Shop Hop print in there.

Mini Pixie Girl from Ellie Inspired -- she looks so fancy - I just wish I had shoes for her.  

Kenzie's Party Dress from EYMM for my first ever blog tour!

A) I was so honored to get to be part of it
B) I LOVE this pattern

Connor's Agathe and Theo Slouchy Pants from Filles a Maman.
He calls them is "nin-ya" pants and loves them.  This pattern will definitely be getting lots of use. 

Love Notions Everyday Play Dress
A step away from our normal prints, but I think she looks so sweet in this and it's soft and comfortable. 

So yay for 100 items.  Now what?  I'm doing it again! (sort of).  My friend Kim from Sew and Tell with Mama Eggo and I have both agreed that this was great for our stashes, and a lot of fun, even though it was hard.  So we've decided to do it again, and again... and maybe even again.  But slightly differently.  We are going to do sets of 50 items.  After each 50, we will get caught up with each other, and start again!  So here's to more and more stash busting!  There is even a little room on my shelves now.  And I did very little shopping during my splurge period - which means I have all this pent up shopping need still! LOL

Thanks for bearing with me through the first 100!  <3

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  1. Love the recap! I'm looking forward to our next 50.... and the 50 after that.... and that..... and heck, maybe we'll get crazy and MEET UP in between 50's sometime and do a little fabric shopping together!? :)