Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pattern Review, Giveaway and Tutorial: The Rissa Roo's Pixie Summer Halter from The Plucky Butterfly Designs

Who needs a super fun summer top for their girl that is different, great for summer, and has a cute girly flare?  Everyone.  Okay, maybe just everyone with girls.  Pam from The Plucky Butterfly has created an awesome summer pattern for your little girl.  Meet Rissa Roo's Pixie Summer Halter.
Rissa Roo's Pixie Summer Halter by Keep Calm and Carrion

Here it is paired with the Surround Me With Love Twirl Skirt that is a staple in Inara's wardrobe. 

The details:
Available in sizes 2 - 14
Optional ruffle hem
Knit neck binding instructions included, but can be done with Fold Over Elastic as well.
Perfect for upcycling
For this one I used a t-shirt for center front panel, and the back, and some white interlock scraps for the rest of the front.  The binding is done in a red pique, and the ruffle is done in a matching red cotton/modal.  My kids love Miyazaki, so she is super thrilled with this one. 

The pattern is sized in even sizes, but it is really easy to customize the fit. Inara was sort of on the border, and if your child is on the border, I recommend sizing down.  Knits stretch and you don't want a baggy halter top!  The pattern pieces are easy to put together, and are clearly labeled for cutting.   This makes it really easy to mix and match sizes.  In fact, I may try a size 4 with a size 14 length for her to make a dress version!  

This fabric is one of my total favorite custom prints from The Fabric Igloo. I used a cotton lycra for the binding and the ruffle. This one is from earlier in testing, so it is more of a tunic length, which actually came out really cute.  Inara likes this one because she can wear little legging shorts under it and doesn't have to wear a skirt over them, since her tush is covered.  

Yea, yea, I know its weird, but when she wears leggings if her tush isn't covered by her shirt, I make her wear a skirt over them.  Otherwise her pants sag and everyone can see her butt when she's running around playing lol. 

This one is also an upcycle.  I used two t-shirts and some scrap cotton jersey, plus neon green FOE for the binding. What is totally awesome about this pattern is that it the back piece is shaped so perfectly that once you add the elastic in, it doesn't sag or gape on her at all.  She played all day at the playground in this one and never once had to pull it up or adjust it. 

Okay, so I know that some of you aren't totally in love with halter tops.  So if you're on the fence just because of the straps, I wanted to include this tiny tutorial to adjust the straps to criss-cross.  If you want to do this before completing your top, do it AFTER stitching down the back casing for the elastic and BEFORE inserting the elastic.  Also, if you think you want to do this, adding in a couple small scraps of knit interfacing before you sew the back casing down will help reinforce the buttonholes you are going to make. 

 On the back side of your halter measure in about 2" from the side seam (2.25" if you haven't sewn the sides yet).  Mark a line with chalk, a pin, FriXion pen, etc.  Repeat for the opposite side. 
On either side of your mark, work the elastic so its folded in half, and pin it out of the way.  (This is why it may be easier to do this BEFORE finishing the shirt).  On your sewing machine, find your stretch buttonhole stitch.  Make a buttonhole at each mark, so that end of the buttonhole is at the mark you made and the rest is closer to the center back.  These don't need to be huge button holes, big enough to get your straps though, but small enough that they won't pull back out.  I used a 5/8" button in my buttonhole foot for mine.  

 Now, you can just slip the strap through and make a knot, but I think these little bows look cuter... Make a loop with the end of your strap, and wrap it around your finger to tie into a knot.  Now the ends of your knots look like little bows and you have back straps on your top.

If you use a lighter weight knit, you may want to do the buttonholes at the bottom side of the casing (by the seam), so that it don't pull as much.  In this case, just fold the elastic in half toward the TOP rather than the BOTTOM, and follow the rest of the instructions the same!


 So, if you were on the fence, hopefully you no longer are, as this modification is really simple to do.  The pattern is available in The Plucky Butterfly Designs Etsy shop for $6.95 for the next few days before it goes up to full price.   Or, check out The Plucky Butterfly Designs Shop to pick it up. 

And now for the fun!  Pam has graciously offered to provide a copy of her pattern for me to do a give away! So please enter my giveaway, show her Facebook page some love, and get sewing! 

**If you purchase the pattern now, and win, you will be refunded your purchase price!

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