Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pattern Review The Jackie from Muffin Head Patterns

Testing for Frances from Muffin Head Patterns was sort of an awesome chance for me and I'm really excited to get to show off my Jackie(s).   The Muffin Head Patterns are professionally constructed with beautiful results that have this really awesome modern-vintage feel to them. 

Exciting sneak peak?!?!
The Details:
Availble in two size bundles (sizes 2-8) and (sizes 10-16)
Multiple Sleeve options: Short, long, sleeveless
Collar or no collar
Gathered or A-line skirt
Lined Bodice.
Optional Belt
Zipper closure.

Pattern difficulty: Intermediate.  All steps are clearly explained in a manner that someone with sewing experience will understand.  I think that an Adventurous Beginner could take the more difficult parts slowly and still be just fine.

First of all, I just love the look of the pattern.  It screams classic.  The multiple options included in the pattern make it a great pattern to run wild with. 
The dress screams classic, Inara screams drama
For my first one, I used Michael Miller Fairy Frost for the Bodice and this lovely Alexander Henry Floral for the skirt.  I had picked a light purple for the belt first, but it seemed to wash out.  So I tried a blue, and that didn't pop either.  The black Fairy Frost really works, I think.  I decided with Summer coming that I wanted to do a sleeveless dress, and I thought that the flowers would look lovely with the gathered skirt option.  The length on this dress is perfect as well.  Its conservative without being frumpy, and makes it perfect for wear to the park or to church.

This one was supposed to be my "patriotic" one, but we've all concluded that she looks more like a dressy Wonder Woman.  The top print is a Riley Blake and the skirt floral is from Marshall's Dry Goods.  The white to accent at the collar and belt is the very last (*cries*) of my white MM Fairy Frost.  This one is the sleeveless, with collar and a-line skirt.

Measurements are given for the gathered skirt and for the belt .  The rest of the pieces are all printable pattern pieces (bodice, sleeves, a-line skirt, collar).  All of the pieces are clear, well drafted, and go together easily.  For me this is a huge plus, since I am usually trying to piece patterns on the floor with two kids dancing on them.

The back closure is a zipper.  First, let me address our front porch. I have no idea why it is covered in like astro-turf stuff.  It was like that when we bought it, but it's held in with about a billion nails, so I haven't been able to get it up yet.  It's a source of embarrassment for me, if you couldn't tell. 

Okay, back to the important stuff.  Never done a zipper?  DON'T WORRY!  Still buy the pattern!  Frances does an outstanding job of explaining how to place the zipper, and I think that even a zipper-newbie would be fine with her instructions.

The other skill you may want to practice before starting is whipstitching.  I will say, this is one of the most relaxing parts for me. I just sat down in front of the TV to close up the bodice lining.  Why is this nice?  It totally encloses the waist seam of the skirk, making the inside of your dress look just lovely.   If you don't like whipstitching, you can always topstitch the lining to the bodice at the end.  Either way, for this step - my glue pen is my favorite tool.  I can tack the lining in place to ensure that I don't have any seam showing.

So maybe not a modelling career in this one's future? lol
I know we've discussed Inara's seam-pickiness before, and this dress totally takes away any issues with that.  Plus, I just can't get over how classic she looks in it.   She loves the belt and insists on wearing this dress at least once a week.  And I will definitely be making more of these.

The patterns are available in the Muffin Head Patterns Etsy Shop  and stop and join the Muffin Head Patterns Facebook Group to chat with some lovely ladies.

OH!! And while you're in the shop... pick up the Morgan Top and Pants for your baby!!  This is my new go-to fast pants/shorts pattern for Connor and the little top is so cute with the shoulder snaps!  And this one is designed for beginners, with the same loving detail and professional construction as her other patterns!


  1. I love the red white and blue with the collar. Adorable. This pattern sounds very versatile.

  2. Very beautiful dresses. I love the one with the collar, great project!

    1. Thank you! It's a very well written pattern, I loved sewing it.

  3. A dressy Wonder Woman! Lol! I love it, and the dresses are very pretty! Love the classic look and feel!

    1. Me too!! I think her hair streaks go nicely with the classic dress too lol