Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sew-a-bration of Womanhood - Sewing for me... and someone special.

When the call went out for Women who wanted to Sew-a-brate Womanhood, I paused for a moment.  It seemed like the coolest idea, but WHAT would I sew??  So I spent a couple days reading and clicking through the Shaffer Sisters blog, and decided that I really wanted to do this!

I had all these grand designs to sew for my new Sister-In-Law or my Mother, but trying to get the men-folk in my family to communicate things in a timely manner is difficult, so I took a deep breath, put those patterns aside to sew before I go visit family next month, and stared in the mirror for a while...
Keep Calm and Carrion for Sew-a-bration of Womanhood

I've been working on losing weight lately, and its been progressing, slowly as these things do, but I still have such a hard time fitting in things, and it frustrates me sometimes.  On the plus side, some things I've made recently are already getting too big, which gave me my idea for this post..  I'm going to save some of the things I've made to still fit.. My Amy Skirt and Aspen Pants from the Greenstyle Essential Wardrobe Tour

My body... In case you were wondering - I have always had hips and a butt - it's genetic, but after two kids, those hips definitely fit the "child bearing hips" description!  I'm a bit smaller on the top, but really it generally means I spend a lot of time mashing sizes if I make dresses.  

Summer Dress by Keep Calm and Carrion
 So I saved my now too big Amy skirt by cutting off the skirt part, gathering it (I collected all the front gathers into one off center spot) and attached it to a RTW tank that I cut off at Empire length.  Then I made big 2" tucks in the gathered area to give it a sort of fun hemline.    

Greenstyle and Pickle Pudding Patterns by Keep Calm and Carrion

The Aspen's were a little easier to save - I took some off along the waist and hip on both legs, and then made them summer friendly - I cut them off in the middle of the curve along the knee area, and turned them 1" and 1" again outward to create a cuff.  And of course they paired perfectly with my Lille Racerback Tank from Greenstyle Creations.   And just for fun I threw in the new Jaqy bag from Pickle Pudding . *Releases Monday as part of the Aspiring Designers Challenge.  

And then I started to feel a little guilty...  I decided that I really wanted to sew something for someone special, and I knew JUST who do it for.  When we lived in Lacey still, Inara had the most amazing nanny.  She was kind and intelligent and had this amazing ability to connect with kids.  My totally clingy kids, both went to her the first day they met without a second thought.  Connor could say "ma-maw" before he could say Connor, and that was after only one visit.  Well next week, we are making the trip back to visit for a couple days.  The kids made her this in ceramics class.

And even though she sews as well, I wanted to make her something special to say thank you, and to let her know that even though we've lived out here for over a year, I still miss her so much, and appreciate all she did... My brilliant headstrong daughter is kind to little kids, protective of anyone smaller, gentle with animals, intelligent beyond her years... all of those qualities, I owe in part to the time she spent with DeLila.  She was like having a mother here when mine is so far away.  And yes, even at my age, some days you just want your mom. 
Jacqy from Pickle Pudding by Keep Calm and Carrion

So Inara and I sat down and picked out fabrics and sewed up the new Jaqy bag from Pickle Pudding for her - the large size, because she nannies for a new little man now, and watches her own grandkids, so she needs the room!

Jacqy  from Pickle Pudding by Keep Calm and Carrion

Goodness, thats a lot of Sew-a-brating, isn't it?  And a lot of story telling. But I had so much fun sewing for me and digging into my creative side, and reminding myself that I do love me, no matter what shape I am!  And even more fun sewing for another woman I love. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I like all your blogs, but I really loved this one. Sometimes we focus too much on others and don't remember to embrace and love ourselves. Glad you took some sewing time for you. Congrats on your weight loss journey. Going through this too! Lol. In that awkward in between sizes. This reminded me, I need to show myself some appreciation.

  2. I am so happy you chose to do this for yourself. We neglect ourselves way too often and you look great. Great job on the weight loss. It is a tough journey, and Channing is pleased.

  3. You look great. I love what you have done to update the fabric to make it work with your changing shape. And that bag is awesome. Thank you for joining in and celebrating your body. Stunning. Simply Stunning.
    With Love,

  4. Fun projects!! I am so loving this series! You look great. Keep it up!!