Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pattern Review: Strip Quilt Skirt from Rabbit Rabbit Creations

With Spring slowly making its way into my rainy corner of the world I've been keeping my eye out for cute Spring skirts for Inara.  This is the second pattern I have had the privilege of testing for Jasmin of Rabbit Rabbit Creations and the first child's pattern.  I tested the Sunset Infinity Sweater as well, which I wear all the time... (if you haven't grabbed that one yet, you totally should)

Anyways, on to the pattern at hand..  We all know my love/hate relationship with quilting... I love to do it, and hate to admit it but I am really NOT very good at it.  When I saw the name of the skirt I thought, yup, I need this pattern.  I was super excited to get to test for Jasmin again because she was so sweet and fun to work with on the last test. 

The details: 
Child's size 1-12
Ladies XS - 4XL (AU sizes -- roughly a 2XL in US, I think?)
Alternate waistband method included for adjustable size.

This skirt is a fast sew, I think it took a total of 45 minutes.  There are no pattern pieces to print, but a rotary cutter is a huge time saver to cut all the strips out.   

**NOTE** It says this at the beginning of like every pattern, but I want to reiterate it here -- READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU CUT YOUR STRIPS....

This is important with this pattern -- lay out your fabrics in the order that you want them, before you cut your strips (it says all this in the pattern, but in case you were wondering, I *may* have overlooked this and had to recut some strips).    Once you decide what order you want your fabrics, then you can cut your strips.

As you can see the strips vary in size, and you can rearrange the sizes any way you want.  Then, for that awesome quilted look, each strip is topstitched and gives the skirt a lovely finished look and dimension all at once. 

As soon as I saw the skirt it screamed *rainbow* at me, so that's what we went with -- and just to make it really Spring-like, I went with a bunch of bright floral prints.  I was a little concerned it was too *loud* at first, but Inara loves it, and that's what counts, right?

This is her Rabbit Rabbit pose
I did make one of the women's version as well, though, it's not much to look at.  To be honest, I wasn't sure it was going to fit over my tush, so I did it in some uglies I had hanging around...

Okay, I think Justin needs some photo lessons, and I clearly need some modeling lessons, but I do plan to make more of these as the weight loss journey continues (my waist is shrinking, why is my butt not????), and I think it is the perfect length for Church, work, or even just a nice day in town.

Let's leave you with a nice picture of Inara's lovely skirt....

We've had to wash it twice already for her to wear again.  :)

Here is the Girl's Strip Quilt Skirt
And the Ladies Strip Quilt Skirt

BUT while you are in the Rabbit Rabbit Creations shop, check out her bundle deals if you want to pick up both, or maybe a couple others as well ! 

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  1. I think that's adorable!! And congrats on the weight loss. I lost 75 pounds (that is what I've kept off for two years now) sand nothing is where it was before. :P