Friday, April 25, 2014

Pattern Review: Girl's Skirt No. 5 from E+M Patterns

This is the second pattern I've sewn for Allison of E+M Patterns, and I actually have her first pattern printed and ready to review as well.  I really enjoy working with Allison.  She is cheerful, and receptive and her patterns are so very well written.

Girl's Skirt No. 5 E+M Patterns made by Keep Calm and Carrion
This is actually my pre-test muslin - the fabrics are from Kona Bay.

The details:
Available in sizes 2-10
Flat front, elastic back waist.
Optional underskirt
Instructions for making the garment with fully enclosed seams without a serger.

Girl's Skirt No. 5 E+M Patterns made by Keep Calm and Carrion
 This one is my absolutely favorite.  I thought there was no possible way a print like this was going to work, but Inara loved it and begged to use it, so I figured I'd give it a shot... And I LOVE how it came out.  She wears this one all the time. 

The pattern itself has no pieces to print, but includes measurements of the pieces that you need to cut out to make the skirt.  There are tools you really can't do without on this pattern -- a long ruler and masking tape. 
The skirt is constructed with two big tucks, and you'll need a ruler to measure up to mark the second one (no Alyssa, your hem guide will not work when you  can't find your ruler, how is it that I only one one ruler?)
And the masking tape... The tucks are stitched further out than my machine guides go, so you can do a couple things here... draw a line with tailors chalk, FriXion pens, etc all the way around to follow, pin a line around to follow, OR do what Allison suggests and put a piece of masking tape on your machine to mark it. 

Girl's Skirt No. 5 E+M Patterns made by Keep Calm and Carrion
I have no idea what she is doing here....
If you can't tell, I don't have a lot of solids around the house... and since I'm doing another set of 100 items before shopping (actually it was supposed to be 50, but I am closer to 100 now, so I figured I may as well go for the push...), I didn't want to go shopping if I could make prints work with this pattern.  I'm actually totally thrilled with how all of the prints work with this skirt.  This is a cool digi-looking floral print from Blend Fabrics.  And it is soooo soft.  I think it shows a cool versatility of the skirt as well. 

The skirt also has an optional underskirt with it.  Which adds a really cute *pop* to it. 

I decided to use the same print for the waistband and the underskirt here to pull it together.  I think it works well.  The floral print was just so pretty that I didn't want to pull too much attention from it. 

Start to finish the skirt took me maybe 40 minutes without the underskirt, and 45-50 with the underskirt.  You can gather the two skirts together like I did here, but just running your gathering stitches through both skirts at the same time, or you can do it separately if you're worried about popping threads.

The pattern itself is so clearly written and is easy to follow and I really can't rave enough about how cool I think it is that Allison takes the time to explain step by step how to make your garment look totally professional without the use of a serger.  

All of her patterns are available here in the E+M Patterns Shop!  Pick them all up while you're there ;)

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  1. I think Inara is great at picking fabric your you to use! Her skirt and the underskirt are just darling.