Thursday, April 17, 2014

Last minute Easter idea: Little Bunny Poo Poo

Did the make your heart race for a moment?  Usually, by this close to a holiday, I have all the presents/supplies/etc purchased, wrapped/packed, and ready to go.

This year? I haven't even picked up our egg coloring kit yet!!

So if you happen to be a little behind (like me), and need an idea of something fun to make for the kids (like me), that won't take a ton of time because you have this crazy to-do list (like me).... I've got a solution! I've been sitting on this pattern for a couple months, looking for time to make it, and crunch time is always a good time for me. 

Little Bunny Poo Poo  is a cute, funny little treat bag from Cozy Nest designs.

The details:
Pattern for 2 size bags
Printable pattern pieces for some design aspects, measurements for rectangles required for bag.
Lots of cute embellishment ideas.

Okay, to start, you'll need three or four fabrics... I decided to do my bag and lining in the same print, so I didn't need a second print. And a small scrap or two for the eggs. I used a green batik for the grass, but you can use something fuzzier to give it more texture as well.  And I used a white rosette minky for the bunny.  (You'll also need some Wonder Under and leftover batting, but we'll talk about that in a bit).

First of all, this was my first time actually using the rosette... man does that stuff shed!  I ironed a scrap of interfacing to the piece I cut the bunny tail out of in hopes it would stop drowning me in fuzzies.  It sort of helped... a little.  The piece for the bunny's body, I ironed my Wonder Under (or your Heat n Bond, or whatever you use to fuse stuff) on first, then cut.  I did the same with my grass piece and eggs.  This makes it easier for me to position the pieces, and not have to mess with weird shaped pieces of flimsy Wonder Under. 

I chose to blanket (satin) stitch my grass and eggs down before attaching the lining, as I wasn't overly confident in my blanket stitch looking good through all the thickness afterwards. 

If you are not a quilter, this next part will probably be the trickiest, but I thought about it a bit, and I have a work around for you.  The detailing of the bunny, and the words on the bag are FMQed on.  My FMQ is pretty iffy in general, but I really do enjoy doing it.   And I think it added a cool detail to the bag. 

 **If you are not a quilter/don't want to quilt, have no interest in the FMQ aspect... Here is what I would do.  The pattern calls for batting to go between the main layer and lining.  Instead of batting, I would use a fusible fleece, and don't clip it out of the seam allowances like the pattern calls for.  Then once you fuse it on and baste the lining, you can do your stitching around the bunny, eggs, and grass.  And that's it... no quilting required.  :)

I did find one typo, and sent a message to the designer, who responded quickly and was super friendly and helpful.  I point it out here, because if you have the pattern already, and work off it before she gets a chance to fix it, it may be confusing.  Step 22, should refer back to step 12.  You'll understand when you get there.  :grin:

If you do like the quilting idea, then go with it! Have fun... Here's what I did on the back of the bag... nothing fancy, just some mushrooms and swirls. 

The flap for the bag and closure at the top are explained clearly and are easy to follow along.  If, like me, you used a fuzzy fabric for your bunny, you may choose to skip the bunny fabric for the exterior door... I did... I used the same color as the grass, and just made sure that my tail covered it well.

Here is my finished bag:

Little Bunny Poo Poo from CozyNest Designs
We didn't have any jellybeans in the house (remember, I have not done my Easter shopping yet!), but we did have some gumballs, which fit perfectly through the hole as well.

Start to finish (including printing, pattern cutting, fabric cutting, and staring at it for a bit to decide what to FMQ):  90mins.

And I am not speedy by any means.  Both kids got a total kick out of it and Connor sat and snuggled it for the evening. 

With any luck, I can squeeze 3 more of these in before Sunday, as I'm pretty sure that all of the kids will love them. 


  1. Too funny, neat pattern I bet the kids will love it.

  2. That is so cute. I have seen it before but I never fail to be amused by it.