Monday, April 21, 2014

*Free* Fox Coin Pouch from GYCT

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter.  The kids seemed to enjoy theirs here.  Then they all went sugar crazy for a bit and I retreated to my sewing room to avoid the shrieking.  The little two are loud on their own, but add the older two, who don't have the patience to deal with the little two, and really, it's just better to retreat to my sewing room...

Last week Chelsea of Get Your Crap Together asked for some help testing out a new *FREE* pattern she was going to add to her shop.  I jumped on it, partly because I clearly don't have enough going on (lol) and partly because I really like Chelsea's pattern and it's fun to test something different than clothes sometimes....AND lastly because Connor saw the picture and begged, lol.

A little background.  Connor has two favorite songs... The Gungam Style/2 Legit mashup and The Fox Song...  We listen to the Fox Song... a lot.  For a while I was gauging distances around town in "Fox Songs."  It takes 9 1/2 fox songs to get to the pool.  It takes 2 1/2 Fox Songs to get to McDonalds. 

So when he saw this he HAD to have one... so Connor's came first... and then Miss Princess demanded one of her own, but "girly."

Fox Coin Pocuch from GYCT
I used my applique stitch to attach the muzzle, nose and ears, and some random detail stitch for the eyes.  I think I put the eyes too high on Connor's (whoops), but he loves him.  I also added a ribbon into the side seam for Inara's, so she could carry it.

The pouches close with a zipper:

Fox Coin Pocuch from GYCT

Which is explained nicely how to attach, and you flip it right-side out through the zipper hole, so no topstitching any seams after.

Connor loves him...

He carried him around the rest of the day, took the coins from his piggy bank to fill him up, and even slept with him.  It's been 5 days, and if we loose Mr. Fox for more than 5 minutes, it is a tragedy. 

Inara on the other hand... is, well she's a particular child... And despite picking all her fabrics and the ribbon, she decided it wasn't her style and she was going to send it to Aunt Diana.  Cause my Sister-in-Law totally needs a fox coin pouch?  So I decided to play with the pattern a little... and see what I could make that she would like...

Fox Coin Pocuch from GYCT

Ta-da --- Fox turned kitty-cat.  And she loves it! Her coins have all been transferred over to it and she's happily clinging to it.  :) 

The best part?  You can totally make the whole thing with scraps you've got tucked into your scrap mess.!!  Awesome way to make the Fox lover in your life happy and start paring down the scraps!

The pattern is available here in her Craftsy shop  and definitely check out her patterns while you're there!

And check out Chelsea's blog for the full story on her cute new freebie!

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  1. super "foxy" blog! too cute. Free and cute. how much more can you ask? oh, yes, you get to use scraps! woohoo.