Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pattern Review: Sweet Slumber Pajamas from Monkeysbug Patterns

We live in a kind of weird climate.  To one side I have the ocean and Canada and to the other we have mountains.  It results in a pretty temperate climate, but at this time of year we go from 30s and raining to 60s and sunny on a daily basis.

This means its time for some summer PJs for those warmer nights... and this is the perfect pattern for it...  The Monkeysbug Patterns Sweet Slumber PJs and Nightgown.

The details:
Sizes 2 - 14
Tank top style top and nightgown
Two short lengths: clam digger and shorty shorts
Made for knits

These have both gone through the wash multiple times since wearing, and Inara totally loves them.  The fit is fantastic, and the gathered front of the tank gives these a really feminine look without making them too baggy.

What I love:  If you've never made a Monkeysbug pattern - there is no trimming the pattern pieces, you just lay the pages next to each other and tape (yay!! No trimming!).  I really love how the straps and bodice trim are made - there is elastic in the trim so you can use pretty much any knit and not have to worry about them stretching out and losing their shape over time.

What I'd change: I actually didn't change anything on the pattern when I tested, and the fit was pretty fantastic I think.  On my nightgown, though, I decided to try clear elastic instead of regular 1/4" elastic, and I did find the clear elastic was a little easier to sew through the trim/straps on the last step since it is a little thinner (though it took way more clips for the first step of sewing it in since it slips more!)
For my nightgown I used a really pretty pink and brown poly cotton blend knit (I think it's actually pajama knit) that I won playing games in a sewing group.  For the straps and trim I used a dark brown interlock.  Normally, I wouldn't use interlock for straps because it stretches out and loses shape over time, but with the elastic added in the strap pieces it will hold its shape awesomely.  This knit was kind of thin so I used hem tape to stabilize the hem before stitching it (great recommendation Kate put in the pattern!)

For the PJ set I used a pretty cotton-lycra rose print from NR Fabrics and the solid is the lilac cotton-lycra from Purple Seamstress.  I used the rose print for the waistband of the shorts too, so they'd coordinate nicely.    She's not actually sleeping, but she pretends well, right??

I had a terrible time trying to get a good picture where the pretty gathers show, so here is our silly outtake pic... which also shows how nicely the straps cover without sitting too high under the arm too.

I have to say, there will be many more of these made. I know they are PJs, but I think the tank and shorts will be perfect for summers at the beach here as well.

The pattern is on sale for $5.95 today only, so run over to the Monkeysbug Pattern Shop and grab it!

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