Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pattern Review: Love Notions Miss Mary Mack

I think this pattern is going to be a year round wardrobe staple here.  Lots of options, fast to sew, and really cute...

The Love Notions Miss Mary Mack Tunic is here.

The options:
Sizes 12mo - 14
Two bodice styles: curved and straight
Four sleeve options: gathered cap, short sleeve, flutter sleeve, and long sleeve (five if you combine the flutter and long which looks awesome)
Made for knits

This is Inara trying to look artistic while keeping the sun out of her eyes.  For this one the Fancy Nancy Fabric is a tight rib knit, and I did the bottom of the bodice in a stretch velvet to keep the "fancy" theme going.  The pants she's wearing are the Maxx-ine pants (also from Love Notions, and they have these crazy cute zippers on the sides)

Between sewing and cutting the pattern took less about 1 -1.5 hours to make.  The Short sleeves went a little quicker than than the long sleeve with flutter.  And on the purple one, I used clear elastic to gather, and that was much faster than using gathering threads like I did on the teal one.

What I loved: The flowy fit is great, without looking too wide on my slim kid.  And I love all the sleeve options - it makes it perfect for all year.

What I'd Change: I wish I had more clear elastic to gather the second top that same way.  It makes the knit gathers look so nice and even and I don't have to mess with gathering threads AND it stabilizes the seam.

Since Inara won't wear jeans, we have a rule that if she wears leggings to school her tush needs to be covered. So shirts like this are awesome, because they are long enough to cover her tush with leggings without having to add a skirt.  The shirt is great for highlighting prints and you could even fancy it up with a lace overlay on the skirt part.

Here's my best endorsement too... The teal fabric is from Peru.  My parents brought me back a meter from their last trip and I can't get anymore until they go again.... This fabric has sat on my shelf getting picked up and put back for a year... and I cut into it for this pattern because I love it and Inara loved the pattern and the fabric!

So... its on sale through Saturday and is available here.   I totally recommend getting the Maxx-ine pants and skirt to go with it if you don't have that pattern yet!

**Note: links to Love Notions site are using my affiliate link, but all opinions are totally my own! If I didn't love it, I wouldn't promote it!

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  1. I love the teal fabric and the pattern is adorable! If I had a little girl to sew for, I sure would make this one!