Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pattern Review: Adeline Dress and Tunic from Boho Banjo

Well, I've been doing some sewing for me... so don't laugh at my awkward modeling... I even tried one of the poses that my photo editing software said was one of the most flattering poses for women...  I ended up looking rather awkward.  BUT I really liked this pattern, so awkward posing aside, I need to show it off.

This is my first time sewing for this designer, who is part of the Aspriring Designers' Challenge on Pattern Revolution.  Meet the Adeline Tunic from Boho Banjo Art To Wear.

I really enjoyed making this tunic, and I really like how flattering it ended up.  When I first saw the sketches I thought that maybe it wasn't going flatter my *wide* hips, but once its on, it flows and drapes so nicely I just love it.   The pattern fits a range of sizes - the large fits US sizes 14-24 (bust sizes 36-52.   The small fits US 6-10.  It also works in knit or woven fabrics, and I think you could get away with a combination of the two as well.  

This is the pose that my photo editor said to use... do I look weird?
The blue and black one is done in a cotton/rayon blend knit with the side panels done in a black interlock.  It's super comfortable and I'm actually wearing it tomorrow to see some friends from where I used to live.  The longest part of the pattern is cutting and taping the pieces... BUT *woohoo* the pattern comes with a print-shop option as well, so if you don't want to sit and cut and tape all the pages, just run it to the print shop!

What I love:  I really like how it fits... loose but still flattering and gives a nice shape line.  The instructions were easy to follow and well written, and are detailed for all the various options.

What I'd change:  I didn't consider the weight of my fabric on the knit one, so the weight of the fabric pulls it down a little in length.  Since I used  stripe, I didn't want to do the stripes horizontally, which would have alleviated my pull issue, but In the future I think I'll want to take 1" or so off the bodice before adding the skirt pieces.  

The one above is my woven version.  I this one in a chiffon print that I picked up specifically for this pattern and I just love how it looks.  It's light and flowy, and I just stuck a plain tank top underneath, and I think it will be perfect for the beach this summer as well.  The pattern has two options for binding the neck and arms as well, but I did knit binding on both of mine, as I wasn't sure I could battle chiffon on the bias to make the bias-bound option.  

All in all sewing time took about 2 hours, maybe a little less, as I was a bit paranoid about messing up the front pleat, so I kept rechecking my lines.  I really love how the pleat brings in the front area and then it spreads back out for the lower half... Creates a nice waistline illusion.

The back has the same figure flattering pleat as the front, which I do think works well even with a tush the size of mine.  The pattern uses illustrations along with detailed instructions on how to create your tunic (or dress... it has a dress length as well, but I made both of mine in the tunic length.  I think I want a dress length one for the summer though).

The pattern is available in the Boho Banjo shop and you should definitely grab this as an awesome wardrobe add on!  And make sure you take a moment to read more about the designer Pearl, on her Aspiring Designer Challenge Post on the Pattern Revolution Blog.  And check out some of the made to order dresses in her shop... she prints her own original artwork on them and they are so cool!

Thanks for checking out my post... and not giggling too hard at my attempts at modeling this fantastic new pattern!


  1. Very nice job Alyssa! They both look good on you.

  2. Nice Modelling :) looks like a great pattern