Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Little Kiwi's Closet Bow Back Beauty

So this new pattern is awesome... like totally and completely awesome.  I know I'm a sucker for Little Kiwi's patterns in general... but this one is just amazing... Yes, I tested it, but even bigger YES you need it.

The Bow Back Beauty From Little Kiwi's Closet is fantastic!

This pattern has a ton of options.. let me try to lay them out for you...
Sizes: NB - 12
Bodice options: natural waist, hip length, or onesie (NB-4)
Back options: Bow or plain (AND bow can be layered over plain for modesty or cold weather!)
Skirt options: Peplum, Dresss, High-low
Sleeve options: Sleeveless, Short Sleeve (with or without cuff) and long

This one is the hip length, with peplum and long sleeves.  For the fabric I used a reversible double knit from Joann's.

The binding was done in a nice ribbing that my local sewing shop carries...  Seriously, this store carries like 100 colors of ribbing and I have no idea why, but I love it.

Anyways.. I finished the peplum with a rolled hem and added a pretty crochet flower that I got from  Whimsical Fabric.

I love how elegant this combination looks.  I think the pink and black paired together makes a really darling combination, AND its perfect for cool spring weather in Washington when paired with our favorite Skinny Legs legging pattern.

In fact, she already wore it to school and got tons of compliments!

Next up I made my more "casual" version.  This is the short sleeved, natural waist, with a peplum and longer skirt underneath.  The skirt is the size 4 dress length, because I wanted a less dressy length than the dress version, and I think it worked out perfectly.

For this one I used a shirt to upcycle for the bodice, and did the skirt, peplum and binding in solid cotton lycras from PurpleSeamstress Fabric.  

The pattern specifically says to use good quality knits with nice stretch and recovery, like cotton-lycras.  I'd like to offer an apology for failing to listen to Lydia here... and here is why..  the t-shirt knit doesn't stretch nice like a cotton-lycra blend would, so it ended up a bit more fitted than the other two versions.  It still fits her, but if you're going to go with a less stretchy knit.. I suggest sizing up a little so you get more wear out of it.

And last is my favorite.  It's elegant, dressy, and still comfortable enough that she's picked it out to wear to school tomorrow... (granted its cold and rainy, so she's wearing a Bella Bolero over it, and leggings under).

This is the sleeveless, natural waist, dress version, with an overlay.  I cut the dress at the length written in the pattern and cut the overlay three inches shorter.

The main dress fabric is a stretch panne, and the overlay is in a stretch mesh with glitter embellished hearts.  The binding is a really nice poly-cotton-lycra ribbing.  I think she looks like a princess in this one.

What I love: If you couldn't tell, I really love all of the options this pattern gives, and the various ways to dress it up or down depending on options and fabric combinations.

What I'd change: So far as the pattern goes, the fit is fantastic, and the options are all clearly explained and easy to follow.  As for me, I need to write a note on my pieces to size up when using fabrics that aren't the pattern recommended ones!

So, hopefully you're still reading.. and if you haven't bought the pattern yet... here's the link again: Click Here!  Grab it while it's still on sale - its worth every cent for all of the awesome combinations you can make!

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  1. Love all your versions Alyssa, was a pleasure and absolute delight having you test for me once again!!