Saturday, January 10, 2015

Seasons Changed for Project Quilting Season 6, Challenge 1

Okay, I am super excited that a new season of Project Quilting has started.

Challenge one for this season is "trees."

I decided to hand embroider and this is what I started with...

I was going to make a little mug rug with it, but it just didn't scream *finished* at me... so this is where I went next... (progress shot storm incoming...)

Above left was my initial sketch.. don't laugh to hard, I have NO drawing skills.  I asked some friends and we determined that Autumn looked kind of unfinished.

Above right was progress after the second night of stitching away, and with an updated idea for Autumn.

Right is with the stitching complete and then I had to figure out what to do next.

Below is was my first idea of how to lay out my squares.  I wanted it to look like window panes, and after 5 fabric swaps, nothing was making me happy.

Doesn't really scream *window,* does it?

After some discussion with my friend Kim, who I can always count on for an honest opinion, she sent me a link to show me how to make Attic Window blocks...

And this is where we went from there...  windows and sashing..

In retrospect, I wish that I had added an extra line of sashing around the windows before adding the yellow.  That yellow, by the way, just arrived that day as one of the free FQs that I earned from shopping on Whimsical Fabric during her free FQ sale (oh, *duh* if you want to see the sales and specials, she has a FB group here.)  I tried like 5 different fabrics before getting frustrated, going to check the mail, and happily finding this FQ in my package.  And the day was saved!

And the finished product!

For the quilting I just stitched in the ditch around the embroidered blocks and then added some swirls to the sides and a cool quote I found.. The quote is from this Anberlin song, which I fell in love with when I heard.

I did the binding so I could insert dowels in the top and bottom so it will hang nicely when displayed. It's going on the wall in my sewing room for now, but I think I want to put it up in the bedroom.

Either way, I'm really glad that I participated this week, and as stressful as I find quilting, I think its good for me to step outside my comfort zone!

The linkup is live... please go check out all of the amazing entries and vote for your six favorites!


  1. I love it! I love how it came to be and I love your end result! Just wonderful! Thanks for joining in the PQ fun again!

  2. Such a fun piece! I love your embroidery, the advice of a good friend, and how the perfect fabric showed up at just the right time.

  3. Love love love. It would look really well in my sewing room too. If I can find it. ;)