Monday, January 26, 2015

Free Pattern Alert: Sofilantjes AND Dandelions 'n' Dungarees

Okay, I totally love free patterns... partly because, well, they're FREE, but there is another reason too.

When I am looking for a pattern and I find a designer that I haven't used before, I immediately look for a free pattern, or even a simple inexpensive ($2 and under) pattern on their site.  Why?  Because I did the same thing with paper patterns when I was learning to sew.

I grew up with Simplicity paper patterns, but wanted to try an old Vogue one.  Except it was something crazy like $4 or $5.  Let's not discuss how many years ago this was.  So before I got it, I grabbed one of the standard $1.50 ones out of the drawer and took it home.  I found that that the sizing was slightly different than my Simplicity ones, and that I would need to play around a bit with my muslin to get the fit I was going for, so I ended up finding a similar Simplicity one that I knew would fit my frame better.

Now, aside from the laughable prices on these patterns...this is why I like a free pattern so much.  If I haven't sewn something from that designer before, I like to see their writing style is something I like reading.  I like to see what their drafted pattern pieces are like.  And I definitely like to test out garment fit.  If its a free pattern that they half-a$$ed, then I know this probably isn't a designer for me.

Now that I've explained all of that... Here are two free patterns that I've sewn up that I highly recommend you trying out.  I have sewn multiple patterns from both of these designers before, and like their styles, but if you're new to either designer and want to try them out here is your perfect chance!

First, is a FREE leggings pattern from Dandelions n Dungarees.  They are available for download here.  Or you can come get them in the Facebook Group and chat with other DnD lovers.
Why does my child always look so disheveled?  Anyways, meet Evie!  Isn't she darling??  Inara is wearing the size 6, Evie is in the 3, and below is little sister Catie in the 12mo.  The pattern comes in NB through 16 and includes doll sizes as well.

The fit on these is really nice, and who doesn't need a good pair of leggings?  These are her Elsa leggings.. They are made with a stretch panne from Joanns that had a little bit of sparkle to it.

Okay, once you've tried the leggings, you'll need this one next.  I have this stupid rule for Inara's clothes.. if she wears leggings her shirt either needs to cover her tush, or she needs a skirt.  Since she likes wearing skirts anyways, it works out well.  This skirt from Sofilantjes is the perfect little skirt for over leggings.

The pattern is available here, and if you want a cute top to go with it, the Otium is darling!
This one is available in NB - 9/10... so I also made them for Evie and Catie!

Totally crawling approved by Catie!

Both of these patterns will give you a nice glimpse into the pattern style of two designers that I really enjoy.  Anne from Sofilantjes and April and Elise from Dandelions n Dungarees are all really sweet ladies, who work hard to make patterns that are easy to follow and well drafted.  They are very friendly and helpful when you have questions and always go above and beyond for their customers.  You really can't go wrong with their patterns!

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