Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pattern Review: Sis Boom Gabriella Fae (Girl's Bundle Up!)

Back again with more Bundle Up goodness.  Today I get to show you my lovely Gabriella Fae.  The awesome pattern included in the bundle from SisBoom.

 *Disclaimer*I was given this pattern as part of my participation in the Bundle Up Blog Tour, but all opinions and sewing are my own!  For my stop on the tour I made the LilyGiggle Cecille, and you can see my post here!

We made two of these as well, because the different options gave them totally different looks and I wanted to try and show you guys that.

First off, the details:
Sizes: 12mo - 13/14
Three sleeve options: Long, short, sleeveless
Two bodice options: flat or gathered
Zippered back.
Multiple skirt lengths included in instructions.

I sewed the sleeveless, gathered bodice, knee length option first, in this really pretty nautical print I've been hanging on to.

It's about 40 out in these pictures, with a nice breeze of the ocean, so I'm really impressed that she was so happy in the pictures! I'm pretty sure that's a good testament to how much she likes the dress.

What I loved: I really love how different just adding a sleeve and using the different bodice types makes the dress look.  I think the longer with the sleeves is perfect for a winter or fall dress, and its dressy without having lots of ruffles, which gives it a nice polished look.  As with all of the SS/SB patterns, I LOVE how I can just look at the chart of the kid to pick my sleeve and skirt lengths.  Inara is really average, and so I just grab measurements off the charts and they fit her nicely.  I love the little bit of flare that the gathered bodice gives the dress.  And I LOVE that it's a zippered back!

What I would change:  There is one thing that I did differently from the first dress to the second.  I cut the lining band pieces 1/2" longer than the outer pieces.  I then sewed the skirt to only the outer band and folded the bottom of the lining under, pressed and slip-stitched it  to encase the seam.

I'm really glad that I took the time to make these, and I will definitely be making more, for both Inara and as gifts!  And I think I'm sold on getting the women's version of this for myself too!

If you haven't Bundled Up, you've only got 3 more days!   Remember... you can get 11 awesome and (temporarily) exclusive patterns for as low as $4.00ea!!

Thanks for stopping by... if you're around tomorrow, maybe I'll show off another Bundle up pattern I've made!


  1. I'm looking forward to sewing one myself.

  2. OMG MLP :) She is soooo lucky.

    1. lol. I live in a small town and our Joann's seems to keep the *cool* prints in stock longer!