Monday, August 25, 2014

Pattern Review: Rissa Roo's Pixie Knit Shirt from The Plucky Butterfly

Hello and welcome to Monday.   In our house, Monday means house cleaning, laundry, and for this particular week.. Sick kiddos. I have to say, I am really blessed when it comes to my kids' health.  They are rarely sick, so when they are both so sick and miserable I just want to snuggle them.

Anyways, on a much more exciting note, are you looking for a cute, girly, unique shirt to add to your school wardrobe?  If so, I've got it!  Meet Rissa Roo's Pixie Knit Shirt.

The details:
Sizes 2-12 AND doll sized
Short or Long Sleeved options
Three hemline options: curved front and back, curved front/straight back, curved front with panel
Perfect for upcyles!

If you couldn't tell I really love upcycling, so this shirt is great for us.  Inara gets to have a creeper shirt that is just like daddy's but its cute and girly, so she is just thrilled.  Now they can all play Minecraft together in their Minecraft Shirts...  (dorks).

Inara spent a lot of the summer in her Rissa Roo Tank/Halters and her Rissa Roo Woven Dress is one of her all time favorite dresses.  BUT it's getting close to back to school time, and I was kind of sad that the cute hemline wouldn't get to be shown off in school (stupid dress code).  Now, I get to make them for back to school, and I can make her some cute long sleeved ones for winter. 

We even had a birthday party to go to right at the end of the testing period, and I made a girl and matching doll one for the birthday girl and paired them with the Jocole Faux Wrap Skort.

 I used a Frozen t-shirt to make the girl one, and an iron on transfer for the doll on.  I think that little miss likes her outfit!  AND she's got a Frozen outfit that none of her friends have, which is always cool.

So if you are looking for the perfect shirt that has that something extra to make it girly, without being too over the top - this is it.  Inara has already picked out her next two t-shirts to upcycle, which makes me breathe a sigh of relief, because it is so nice to have a pattern that she loves that I know she can wear back to school.

ALL of the Plucky Butterfly Patterns are on sale for a short short time more - so grab them quickly before they go back up to regular price... I highly suggest the Surround Me With Love Twirl Skirt too - its SO FUN to make.

Happy Sewing! 

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  1. Love it. Inara looks thrilled! Great job, as normal. :)