Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pattern Review: Everyday Tank and Dress from Serger Pepper

Happy Saturday!  The kids have been under the weather, but recovered now, and I am going to take them out to this local fair tomorrow to celebrate.  That and being cooped up in the house with them all week has me feeling quite the need to get them out!  

Have you been following the Aspiring Designer's Challenge from Pattern Revolution?  I love seeing all these new up-and-coming creative minds at work.  I really love getting to test for some of them as well.  Last week I talked about the Omni Tempore from Sofilantjes for Connor.  Today I am here to tell you about the new pattern from Serger Pepper.

The Everyday Tank: Top and Dress:
Available in sizes 3 - 14
Three length options: tank, midi (knee length dress), and maxi (ankle length dress)
Optional pockets 
Banded or regular hemline options
Instructions for multiple binding methods
Made for knits
Great for upcycles

First off, the site chart was spot on for Inara's measurements.  The tank sits right at the perfect length to be appropriate for wear with leggings.  When you have a little one who can't stand jeans, its important to find tops that look good with her extensive legging collection.  

This top was made with Ooga Booga interlock, the solid purple is a cotton/Lycra from PurpleSeamstress, and white ribbing for the binding. 

And, since Inara loves dresses, I made her a midi length as well using a cotton/Lycra print, and two cotton/Lycra solids, all from Fabric Dealers.  

Look at that attitude!

The dress fits nicely without being too tight, which is achieved with the lovely subtle a-line that the dress has, as opposed to the night straight shape of the tank.  The pockets are a super fun detail that Inara just gushed over.

This is the second pattern of Irene's that I have sewn.  The first being these super cute undies...  (You should pick them up as well as the Everyday Tank: Top and Dress, the bum coverage is awesome). The patterns are well written and east to follow.  The instructions are laid out nicely and include lots of detail options to personalize your outfit.  The pattern pieces themselves are well drafted, and easy to assemble, which to me is always a relief, as I seem to have serious issues with taping...

Thanks for coming to check out my post, and I hope you enjoy sewing this one up as much as I did.  Huge thanks to Irene for allowing me to test, and for some more inspiration, check out the other awesome tester blog posts:

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