Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pattern Review: Omni Tempore Boys Shirt from Sofilantjes

Happy Saturday!  I am actually attempting to pack an overnight bag in a rather hurried fashion as we are heading off the peninsula for a camp-out birthday party for Inara's friend.  Thankfully the mother is letting Connor and I crash in the house, since I'm not sure how well he would do in a tent all night with a bunch of squealing girls...

Actually, this is two posts in a row that are Connor-centric... which I am really stoked about, because I spend so much time making things for Inara, that it's fun to find some cool patterns for Connor.  I am here to tell you about today's Pattern Revolution Aspiring Designer.   This is the second designer I have tested for that publishes her patterns in two languages.  Annemieke of Sofilantjes Patterns publishes her patterns in both English and her native Dutch.  She has native Dutch speakers in her testing group and I am constantly using my *translate* button to try to learn some of the language.  

So I present to you, the Omni Tempore Boys Shirt ((Buy it now, while it's on sale!)) 

About the shirt:
Sizes 12mo - 14yrs
Baggy fit
Unique Collar
Short or long sleeves
Made for knit fabrics

I love how fast this comes together, and I especially love the collar detail.  It's just a little pop of something different, but it makes the top fun to give that personal touch to.  This is the second paid pattern from Sofilantjes, and I love that she is doing both boy and girl patterns.  Her patterns have these nice clean lines, but all have a cool detail that makes them so original.  If you're on the fence, check out her free skirt pattern, and get a feel for her writing style and pattern style. 

I may have been having a bit too much fun with this pattern, and made a whole bunch of them, but Connor really loves them, and we get tons of compliments on them.  And I even pulled out one of my fun custom knits for the one above.  What else is great about this shirt?  Perfect for cool upcycles...

Gotta love that little face... he was SO excited to show this one off.  I used a $7 t-shirt from JCPenny and some leftover cotton-lycra from PurpleSeamstress and in under an hour, we have this awesomely personal, sized for my little Minecraft lover, one of a kind shirt. 

And my last bit of gushing over this shirt.. I know it says *boys* shirt, BUT it is totally awesome for little girls too.  Want to see? 

Both little ones totally rock this shirt, and loved how comfortable it was.  For me, the ability to make an shirt that is comfortable, unique, great for upcyling, and a style at works for both kids in under an hour is just perfect. 

So definitely stop over either the Sofilantjes Craftsy Shop or Etsy Shop and pick up the Omni Tempore,  AND if you happen to have a girl, you should totally grab the Summer Surprise Dress/Tunic (you can read my review here). 

Congrats Annemieke on another awesome pattern!!

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