Tuesday, January 7, 2014

85 left... and Dolls Dolls Dolls!!!

Well one week into the new year, and I have finished 15 items... the upside is that there are only 85 more to go until I can shop again, the downside is that I STILL have 85 more to go until I can shop again.


So I wanted to keep you all posted with a quick update and some awesome news ... here are items #5 thru #15




#5 Playhouse Dress from Fishsticks Designs
#6 Mini Butterfly from Ellie Inspired
#7 No Pattern - nightgown and head scarf
#8 Monsterbunz from Opulent Monsters  Basics in Fleece (Ignore the TERRIBLE print placement ...sigh)
#9 Monsterbunz from Opulent Monsters - size small for a customer - so tiny <3
#10Monsterbunz from Opulent Monsters
#11Connor modeling my new headscarf .... how throwback is this thing?  I LOVE IT 
#12 Satin hair cap... who knows ... I was just trying new patterns...
#13 Baby Minions!! Adapted from free tutorial from My Funny Buddy
#14 Mini Sandpiper from Ellie Inspired
#15 Mini Swimsuit from Ellie Inspired

So I am totally loving the Ellie Inspired doll patterns, and I totally jumped on her sale to pick them up before they were no longer available as stand alone patterns. 

Now, I decided to add a couple of constraints to myself for this as well...
1.  I will purchase NO MORE THAN three patterns between NOW and when I reach 100 items
2. Only items made from stash fabric will count, once made from custom bought fabric, don't go on the tally.
3. I am capping my "notions" purchasing at $25 until I reach my 100 items as well...

Today I spent $0.40 on needles, $0.50 on zippers, and $0.75 on doll joints, so I have  $23.35 left...

I also want to participate in Project Quilting this season, so lets hope I can pick up a new rotary blade and some velcro and stay within my budget, lol.

<accepting all quilt shop and fabric store gift cards>  <looks pathetic> Seriously, I am going through withdrawl, how silly is that??

OKAY, so my AWESOME announcement before I head to bed... I've been totally loving these doll patterns, and I have 3 more cut out on the table ready to go, and I posted them on the Ellie Inspired Facebook Group and my friend +Kimberly Odell  likes to talk me up (she seems to think I'm cooler than I am, shhhhh don't tell her the truth).... the end result is I just signed a mini contract with Ellie Inspired to work with them to sew doll dress samples!! She'll take all the awesome pro photos and tag my little shop (shameless plug:  Mermaids n Mudpuddles) and direct people to me who want to buy her gorgeous patterns sewn up!  So be on the look out! I will be adding custom doll dresses to my shop!!  (Many of which have matching girl outfits!!!)

Thanks for sticking with me for this journey and hopefully there is much more to come!!


  1. woohoo!!!! and the journey continues!!!

  2. Harbor Freight has very cheap rotary blades that I have read about women using. I have not tried them. My last blades came from Amazon. Love your doll dresses.

  3. Woot! Congratulations Alyssa! You certainly deserve it as you do such a wonderful job on all the things you make. :-)