Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#16-#25 ... soooo far away

Seriously, how do  I get so far behind?  I need to make myself a BLOG NOW day lol.  So I have been successfully chugging along at my 100 items and I wanted to update you.  I won't drown you in pictures though, so I will tackle a few a time this week!
  On tap right now... #16 - #21 !

#16 and #19 are variations on that head scarf from the first 15.  Both are done in one piece instead of a back tie, and #19 is a knit.
#17 is another variation on the Baby doll toys from the first 15 as well.  Connor really loves Despicable Me, so he was so excited to get his own Purple Minion. 
#18 Don't laugh... its 10yds of homemade bias tape -- don't judge - that stuff takes FOREVER
#20 I needed a new key fob, and I have all this Dr. Who ribbon sitting around, so it was time to break it out.

ANDDDDD The highlight of this post... #21....
 Recognize the Candy Castle Patterns Peppermint Swirl Dress?  Well we all know how awesome the twirl is, and how much Inara loves her other one, so when Rebecca said "tester call for sleeve add on!" I jumped.  I did the short sleeves with elastic at the bottom option... Here's a close up..
Inara picked her own fabrics for this one, and I was so proud watching her studiously switch fabrics in and out and lay them out in the order she wanted them in.

Since she's weirdly sensitive with clothes, I've been doing linings in soft knits lately, and I did the same with this one.  I used a super light, slinky knit that was like $2/yd at Walmart, and works awesome to line things. 

The sleeve elastic is perfect too - fitted, but not tight and doesn't bother her at all.  Another win from Candy Castle, in my opinion.  The add on has a variety of sleeves included and works on both the Princess and the Peppermint Swirl.  Maybe I can get myself caught up enough soon to do another Princess dress.

 You know it's a win when she is a cooperative model (and rockin her heels)

#22 - #25 are testers that haven't been released yet, so we will skip them for now, and pick up with #26 when I chat with ya'll next!

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  1. Inara is so cute when she is being a cooperative model! That is an adorable dress!