Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Long names and princesses

Inara is a funny kid...  She's super emotional and sensitive, very concerned with what everyone thinks of her, changes clothes at least 3 times a day, but likes to fight zombies, play video games, and be a super hero.  From day to do I never know whether she will want to be called Harley Quinn, Princess Sparkles, or Vis.  Why Vis?  Because she decided it was shorter and easier to spell than Inara, so its easier when she has to write her name.  I can totally relate.  I remember as a kid coming home from school in tears one day because my name wouldn't fit in the squares for the standardized tests.... there were not enough bubbles for Carrion-Murayari.  As a new cadet my jerk of a cadet 1SG insisted on calling me New Cadet Alphabet (13 years later and I still think that guy was a moron).... and of course New Cadet Charlie-Mike (yea yea, Army folk, laugh away) stuck for the first couple years.  And of course "Carry on, Carrion," was a cadre favorite.  Man, reading that, its no wonder I was always doing pushups ... how could you not roll your eyes at that??

Anyways.... my little zombie hunting princess was SO thrilled when I showed her the pattern I got to test.  I picked the first set of fabrics and she picked the second...
 Lots of Michael Miller here... the fairy ones are about all of the Michael Miller I have, but man they are some of my favorites.  The fairies are Michael Miller, as are all the fabrics in the bottom picture.  The others are random blenders -- the pink/green from Troy, and the salmon from my LQS...
Both of them got some minor changes along the way... the first one the white was swapped out for a prettier green (Jason Yenter Modern Solids), and the bottom took out the darker pink and added in a sparkly white I got from Joann's (I didn't have enough white MM Fairy Frost).  

As always, I love the Candy Castle patterns, because she has a great way of breaking down each step clearly, with lots of pictures (and these nice ones that show me what it should look like after the trickier steps), and these funny little notes of encouragement along the way.  What I love most about this particular pattern is the options... She added this cool sheet into the pattern with all the different options....
Awesome right? So of course I couldn't just make ONE for the testing.  I wanted to try both the one piece top skirt and the paneled top skirt, and I wanted to try one of the longer sleeve options (in the end I went with elbow length, after much discussion with Inara, we decided it was the most "royal" option).  And even better, it comes with two fits - slim and regular.  I tested the slim fit, and the sizing was spot on. 

AND as if that wasn't enough, the pattern comes with instructions for making embellishments, that just totally bring the whole look together.  The pattern released yesterday... in sizes 6m-10yrs, and this is a total must have if you have a little girl.  Here is the link to her shop...

There is a lot of gathering, but great instructions, and I think all in all, each dress took me two evenings to sew (cause we all know I don't sew until the kids are in bed!)

And...the part I've been dying to show off.... First, here is my Spring Fairy Princess dress... One piece top skirt, ruffled underskirt, sleeveless with flower and left embellishments and decorative top stitching on the bodice. 

 Gotta love the twirl right? ^^  And I think that the flowers totally bring the whole dress together. 
 And... Here is my Cotton Candy Princess dress... Elbow length sleeves, paneled top skirt, ruffled underskirt, and bow accents on the scallops. 

Now if only the lovely PNW weather had cooperated and given us some sunshine!

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  1. gorgeous dresses and gorgeous subject! love these dresses. :)