Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flips and Ahhhhs

Tuesdays and Fridays I take the kids to this thing at the Local YMCA called LiveYers...  Dorky name aside, they enjoy it.  I pay $2 a kid, and from 10:30-12:00 they get to go nuts and run around with other kids.  There are bouncy balls, toys, a couple of small slides and some foam mat things. 

My fearless child thought jumping off of this thing was the best thing ever....
Inara, ever uncooperative... refused to LOOK like she was having fun in the picture... but really, she had two little boys begging her to play with them and spent the whole time running and flipping.
The great part about this is that I generally get to come home and put Connor down for a nap and sew!  Since I'm working on a tester, I can't show you that yet... but I am going to talk about little pieces of paper instead...Tonya makes these things called Ahhhhs, and 6 months ago I had no clue what an Ahhhh was or what EPP was.  Ahhhhs are Artistic Hectic Hexotic Hillbilly Hexagons (boy I hope I got that right), and EPP is English Paper Piecing (scary quilter stuff..)  Basically, you get these pieces of paper...

And they come together to form things like these....

If you're me, ones like that one are still pretty daunting.  Quilting still scares me... its so much harder than making clothes and stuffies.  Though, you do get better as you go... here is my first Ahhhh... AND a dress I made last week using Teagan's Fitted Bubble Dress from Create Kids Couture .  They had a contest to embellish the plain bodice on the dress.  I didn't win (the winner's was Ah-mazing, by the way), but I enjoyed making it, and Inara loves it, which is what counts...

Come a long way with my EPP, wouldn't you say?  Tonya has voting open on some really cool EPP projects that people made...check them out :  Hillbilly Quilt Shop

I like that they are hand sewn, because I can work on them while the kids run around the playground, or while we watch TV in the evening, or even in bed at night so long as I don't lose the needle in bed again...
I highly recommend trying them at least once. 

<cue baby crying> I think I need to relieve Dad of baby watching duties now!  Once the kids are in bed its back into my little haven (I'll show you that soon...)


  1. I lose needles in my bed or the floor and the hubby sure fusses about it!!!

  2. I just finished #25 and am already thru my stash picking fabric to do another one. As for losing needles I never buy one package, so many come up missing. Ron never walks barefoot it helps in keeping needles out of toes.