Saturday, September 21, 2013

Crazy kids and inspiration

This past week the kids were driving me crazy.  Connor hasn't been sleeping, and as I call it, has been a nurse-a-saurus all night.  Inara for some reason has been throwing fits all week.  We had issues for a while with that, but we implemented a 'sticker chart' and it really seemed to be working.  By about Wednesday I was frazzled, tired, and frustrated.

I posted on my Facebook wall asking for some inspiration, and as always my friends stepped up.  I was reminded of the awesome news that a friend from highschool got engaged, thoughts of new babies, and fresh bread, and random acts of kindness from strangers.  Even some yummy pictures of David Tennant (always inspiring)....
But one comment stood out, and made me realize I was being a bit on the ridiculous side.  So I hugged my kids, stopped trying to sew in five minute intervals and took the kids to the playground.  I'm friends with a women I've never met, and really only talked to a couple of times, but I follow all of her posts because her son is sick, and undergoing treatment, and yet she is always so upbeat, funny, strong, loving... and even in her moments of weakness, she is still this amazing human being.  She's the sister of a friend from ages ago, who was one of those people who made a lasting impact just by being in the room - positive, genuinely caring, and amazingly talented... you can check out his music here...  Dan Lavoie  .  His nephew inspired me to make my first ever rag quilt...
 I had a great time making it, and I *think* Caleb liked it.  Its cotton woven's on the front, and flannel on the back, with middle layer of flannel as well.  I figured it would be warm and snuggly for a cold hospital room. I ended up throwing like 6 blocks into the scrap bin as I went because my "X"s weren't perfectly centered.  All in all, I was pretty happy with the outcome, but if this is an "easy" quilt, it totally shows you why I think quilting is so much harder than clothes!

Apparently the full moon occurred this past week, maybe that has something to do with how randomly awful this week has been?  But really, so the kids were nuts, at least they are happy and healthy.  So I didn't get a lot of sleep, I made two gorgeous dresses this week that I am so stoked to show off, AND I had an excuse to drink more Death Wish coffee.  All in all, maybe I should complain less, and try to enjoy the little things a little more.  Like right now... I am going to go enjoy snuggling with Connor.