Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Super girl and genetic coordination.

While I'm doing some tester talk catch-up, I wanted to talk about another pattern from Candy Castle Patterns.  I love testing for Rebecca; her patterns are always so well written and incredibly cute.  I also love having patterns that have a variety of options within them.  The pattern I tested was the Candy Waltz Collection, which you can buy as one set or the separate pieces if you only need part of it... personally, the whole set is so versatile that I don't think you can go wrong by buying all of it, especially since the sizes will fit you smaller women out there!  And really, who doesn't need some crazy cute leg warmers?!?!

So while I am pretty comfortable sewing with knits, there are a couple of fabrics that make me cringe.  First of these is fleece.  Why you ask?  Because for some insane reason, every time I sew with fleece I manage to sew THROUGH my finger.... how is that even possible?  Straight through, pull the needle out, blood on my fabric.... (which is really the most upsetting part of the ordeal, right?).  So when I was reading through the suggested fabrics for the top and saw fleece, I shuddered a little, but then by some twist of fate, when I went to the store, they didn't have the color I needed in fleece, so I decided on micro fleece.  In case you were curious, I am MUCH better at not sewing through my finger with microfleece.

So I decided to do two different sets with this test... one that was going to sort of cater to Inara's wild side, and one to highlight the sweet femininity of the set.

So here are the two fabric piles....
Here's my sweet set... a beautiful textured purple knit for the sweater, this AWESOME voile that I got from the clearance section, and some solid pink interlock.

Okay, so I was sort of unfocused when putting this set together, but I think it came together well...  

 So, the instructions, as usual, are totally clear and easy to follow, and the fit is spot on.  Inara is a pretty standard size 5, and everything fit her so nicely.  Here's the end result for the first set....

She LOVES this outfit. I think it's cool how her hair accents the outfit.  Here is the second set...

 So I did the ties on this one in yellow FOE to coordinate with the lycra I used on the waistband and legwarmers.  And I bought the embroidery design off of Etsy and did four of them and sewed them into double sided patches... Inara ran around as "Kara Zor-El" for the rest of the day, even though it is like 45 degrees out in the pictures she refused to ruin the look with a shirt.  I will say, the combination of the lycra waistband and satin skirt was probably one of the most frustrating combinations I've done... there was definitely a bit of swearing, but it worked out in the end.

And, of course... I must leave you with a giggle... If you know me, you know I am TOTALLY uncoordinated... Do we all remember the broken ankle from the foxhole incident?  Well my totally coordinated, beautifully graceful daughter stated "I'm a ballerina! Look mom!"
Totally my kid. 
Stay tuned! I have some neat crafty stuff and a cool pair of pants to show off AND a dress!

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