Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Routines and Ruffles

So the last few weeks have been crazy hectic around here.  First was Inara's 5th birthday, followed by the LMNOP Consignment sale which requires an overnight in Lacey for me, then Logan's birthday at the beginning of November.  And now we are all settled back into our routine and loving it. I've been doing lots of testing lately, and I wanted to catch up and do some showing off.

So I tested a skirt a few weeks ago and I wanted to share, because I LOVE the final look. AND I hear her second pattern is in testing now, so be on the lookout for another super classy skirt.  The Skirt is Jessicca's Elegant Skirt, and is the first pattern from Calm Boutique.  So to start with, the skirt is so stinkin' cute.  It's something different from the a-line or gathered skirts that are out there, and it works in so many fabrics that it can go from casual to fancy.  I was sort of iffy about the high waist, but Inara seemed to love it.  During the test I actually did three versions.... first ... a seersucker, non ruffle version...

She is such a ham, lol.  Anyways, this version took maybe 90 minutes, cutting to finished  product.  Which in this house, a fast, cute sew is  always a plus.

Then I decided to see how it would work up in a knit, mostly because Inara is so picky about how things feel, that I wanted to see if the softness of knit would work on this style.... Here's the result in this super cute import that I picked up.  And I only had a fat half, so even better that this skirt doesnt' take a ton of fabric!

Again, under 90 mins start to finish, and she LOVED it.... Connor even got in on the picture taking fun...

 Don't you just love that squish face??!

And then for the ruffle.  I did construct mine a little differently than the pattern calls for, but that was totally out of personal preference. 

 I used a gorgeous Batik from Anthology Fabrics and the ruffles are done in three prints from Shadowland II by Kona Bay.
Here's my doofy model showing it off...
Look at all that hair!

So now we are back in our groove, so to speak, and I have lots of testing and prettiness to catch ya'll up on!