Friday, November 7, 2014

Pattern Review: Iridis Wrap Dress from Sofilantjes

Sometimes when I sign up to test a pattern that has lots of options I like to click the "whatever you need" square on the sign up.  If I show Inara the pattern and she likes all the versions, then for me, its already a win.  That's what I did for this dress...  Meet the Iridis Wrap Dress from Sofilantjes.

This is Inara this morning on her way to the Veteran's Day assembly at her school.  It's a special holiday for our family, and I'm pretty sure she had the cutest dress there!

My version is the woven, long sleeved version.  This dress has a couple variations, so let me lay those out first..

The Details:
Sizes 12mo through 14yrs
Woven version wit curved cutouts sewn together
Knit version with curved layers
Long or Short sleeves
Wrap style dress

I have to say, the most daunting part of this pattern is cutting out all the various pieces.  Once that is done, you'll find the dress to be an extremely fast sew, with only a tiny amount of gathering required (on the sleeves).   I think all in all the dress took about 2 - 2 1/2 hours including pattern taping/cutting and sewing.  I was a bit paranoid about cutting pieces out backwards, so I think I took longer to cut fabric than I usually would.

I do love how this came out, and Inara loves her "America dress."  I did topstitch my panels as I went, as I was a little worried that they wouldn't sit flat if I didn't.

The only other change I made was last night I took a minute to put a snap on the side where it crosses over and one on the opposite side as well.  This totally isn't necessary, as the dress fits well and covers well, BUT I was a little worried that Miss Fidgety would play with the ties and untie them, or someone at school would randomly pull on them.   If anyone wants to know where I put my snaps, I can take a picture for you.  I'm sure it is just silliness on my part, but I do this on all the wrap dresses we make, and this way I don't worry about it.

Considering how far this is from our standard color choices, I'm really happy that she loves it so much, and I think it's definitely due to the fun style of the dress, and that she got to spend all sorts of time deciding which color she wanted where.

AND, I really want to show you the knit version, because its got these really cool layers instead of the curves sewn together... so my darling friend +Kimberly Odell  made the knit version with some fun ruffle fabric...

First of all, how gorgeous is this in that fun ruffle print??  And second of all, do you see how the layers are on the knit version? It's just so pretty and whimsical... I love it.  *Note to self: must get more girly knits. (or convince Kim to make me one?), the dress is on sale for $6.25 through the weekend and then it goes up to it's regular price... so buy it while it's at this super price... Here is the Craftsy Shop and here is the Etsy Link.  If you don't have her other patterns... the Omni Tempore is pretty awesome too.  As is the Summer Surprise, but not so season friendly here in the PNW at the moment!

Now... these are terrible... from the audience, balancing a toddler photos... but here is Inara singing at her assembly today...

Would you believe her hair was just put up nicely like an hour before this photo? *sigh* I totally understand my mom's fussing about my messy hair now...  And the little pants underneath... hysterical right?  She assured me that blue matches blue, though.

This dress is so perfect to customize for any event/holiday, and with the sleeve choices is great for year round wear as well.    Huge thanks to Annemieke at Sofilantjes for allowing me to test such a fun pattern.  And check out her blog for lots of other cute tester pics!

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