Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sewing Off some October Sews

Happy Wednesday.  Posts should go up in the morning, huh? Well I decided that I've been doing quite a bit of sewing lately, and I really just wanted to do a post to show off some of my favorites from the last month... tester and otherwise.

Inara's birthday was earlier in the month and she wanted a new dress to wear... I made these the night before (yay for mom fail procrastination moments).  The pink is the Playhouse Dress from Fishsticks Designs.  I modified the sleeves a little bit (no gather and no cuff).  The top is a yummy cotton lycra custom print knit from Sweet n' Charmed and the bottom is a cotton woven Skelanimals print.  I promise my neckline isn't wonkerdoodle... it just need to be pressed (so embarssing, but the dress was way cute).

This second one was just a simple tee pattern with the remnants of my Frozen fabric gathered and attached. But she loved it... I never know with her sometimes...

Then little man was feeling left out and asked for a Mario shirt, so I pulled out this fabric that has sat on my shelf for way too long and made him the Rockstar Raglan from Little Kiwi's Closet, with layered sleeves, so I felt like I out more effort into it lol.  He put it on as soon as he saw it and proceeded to spill his drink from dinner all over it. This resulted in a meltdown of sobbing *my mario shirt noooooo,* which was kind of funny... but it's washed and all better now.

And while showing my love for Little Kiwi's Closet... for Picture day Inara wore this Flutterby Top that I made in knit the night before pictures because we had an issue with the first picture outfit... 

Which was this... It's the Airy Ruffled A-line from Monkeysbug Patterns.  Now, the pattern itself was lovely... easy to follow. I ignored the size chart, which was dumb (it's totally accurate, you should follow it) and should have done the size the chart said, but it was easily fixed.

So here was the problem that I didn't consider and really felt like an idiot for... there is a seam at the top front where you flip the ruffle create the channel for the elastic.  For some absurd reason, once this part was gathered she found it to be insanely itchy.  Like freaking out, jumping around and crying because she picked the fabric and the pattern and was now heart broken that she couldn't wear it.

I've gotten a couple of suggestions about backing it in flannel/fleece, but i don't know if that will totally take care of it.  I was considering covering the front seam with FOE?  I don't know.. if anyone has any suggestions to save this dress for my randomly sensitive child, I will take any of them! The fit was great and it was just SO CUTE on, that I can understand why she was so sad that she  couldn't wear it. :(

And one last project, just because I want to tell people I won something... Whimsical Fabric does these cool sewalongs in their group, and I decided to jump in on the last one because it was for E+M Pants Pattern No. 2, which Inara has finally outgrown her size 5s, so she needed a new pair.  Anyways, in the sewalong group they post a daily album to upload your progress pics and you get entered for a prize each day that you keep up.  Well I won a $15 gift card to their shop and picked up some really cute fabric to use for another dress for Inara!

Here are my pants!  Aren't they cute? (Nar's top is the Elisa from Filles a Maman)

I did make Halloween costumes too, but I don't have modeled shots yet, so those will have to wait till another post!  Thanks for checking out all my pics!  ... and a funny one to end it:

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