Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Day & Boho Beauty Pattern Review and Giveaway

Okay, so let me start with I AM SO HAPPY TODAY!  <yup, totally yelled that>  Last month my darling little Angel...
(Don't let the sweet smile fool you) had an epic tantrum during which he pushed my laptop onto the floor and shattered the screen.  After staring in confusion at what had just happened, I swore under my breath and sighed loudly.  For the last month Justin has been graciously letting me use his as laptop to print patterns/edit pictures/send in feedback/etc.  BUT the *man cave* is not very conducive for blogging success.  So I've been going through a bit of withdrawal.. get ready for lots of posts... and I'll try to work some giveaways in there as well!

So I saw the tester call for the Boho Beauty Swing Top from Monkeysbug Patterns.  I had never tested for them, but Inara has a stack of underwear I made her from their hipster/bikini pattern, so I showed the tester to Inara.  I wasn't sure how she would react, since she wears a lot of knits lately, but she saw it and loved it, and ran off to pick fabric.  Then I sat here for a day anxiously hoping to hear from Kate, and I was very excited when she emailed.

Why is she always turning her head like that lately???

The details:
Sizes 2-14
2 Sleeve lengths
2 sleeve hemline widths
2 shirt hemlines
Made for woven fabrics
Tutorial for making your own bias tape included!

After a bit of discussion about these fabrics being kind of dark, here is what Inara picked for her first top.
This one is the long sleeves, hi-low hem and gathered long sleeves.

I also took the few minutes to make my own bias tape for this one... here's why.... store bought bias tape always seems so scratchy, and this pattern calls for three pieces of bias tape... In Inara's size they are all under 20", so there was no sewing together of strips required.  I just cut my three bias strips, and ironed them and I was ready to go.

Seriously, I brushed her hair RIGHT before we walked out the door.  After this first one, we discussed some minor changes... I'm pointing this out, because when I show you the second one, you will notice the neckline isn't quite as wide.  Either way, this one stayed on for the rest of the day while she declared herself to be a flower fairy.  (weird kid)

When I told her we were going to make another one, I sent her off to pick fabric again, and I think she is getting really good at this.  This print was a red tag from Joann's a few months ago that has sat on the shelf waiting for a project... this one was perfect...

This one also has the long gathered sleeves, but I did the traditional curved hemline on the shirt.  I was a little iffy on the button choice, but It really pulled in the colors in the bias I think.

The pattern itself is a very straightforward sew.  It took me about 90 minutes, including making the bias and cutting out the fabric.

If you are new to bias tape, this one shouldn't worry you! The bias tape is attached sort of differently than normal so as long as you are good with pins it will have a very nicely finished look at the end!  For us, this is great, as less small seams to itch means she is super happy to wear it!

Can we not discuss that my pretty fence needs to be painted?  It's rainy season here and if I could just get 48 hours of dry, I would do it, but its like a lost cause in the PNW until May or June!

I totally love how the fade out looks on this top.  AND she is currently wearing it in school as I sit here typing, which is a definite sign of how much she likes it, as she dresses herself for school... I would show you pictures to prove it, but some of them are a bit embarrassing (last week she wore a Minecraft shirt, Powerpuff Girls skirt and cheetah leggings...). 

This entire testing experience was really a great one.  Kate was receptive and friendly.  She asked opinions and was fun to work with!

So this top is out today, AND you should run off and grab it now from the Monkeysbug Patterns Shop while it is ON SALE!!

AND, after you've bought it, please enter my giveaway for your own copy of the pattern!  If you purchase the pattern now (because, well its ON SALE and you should get it now), and then win the pattern, I will send you the cost of your pattern OR purchase a different Monkeysbug pattern for you!  So entering is worth it!

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  1. Love this and Inara fabric choices!

  2. It's so cute - I really like that second fabric! As for mine, I think I want to do it in white dotted swiss. I may have to line in, but it would be so cute!

  3. danarodriguez1@msn.comOctober 21, 2014 at 3:11 PM

    I would use a shabby chic print and pair it with ruffle pants.

  4. I want one in momma size, this is too cute.

  5. This would be gorgeous with an elastic drop waist, or a high low hem. So many options I could make.
    Great job as usual, Alyssa.

  6. Danica is ALWAYS turning her head like that too. Why?? Maybe it's a five year old thing.

  7. will color block with some of the fabric remnants that have been collecting in my stash..... thanx for the opportunity....


  8. My 6yo would look so cute in some fall prints!

  9. It's so hard to find long-sleeved patterns for wovens, I think! Thanks for posting. It looks great!