Sunday, February 2, 2014

Slow and Steady, right?

If you know me, you probably know patience is definitely a virtue that I just don't possess.  I do try, really, but my brain races so fast sometimes, I just want everything else to keep up!  So we are continuing on our little journey to 100 items, and I have to keep pep talking myself.  I will get there, I will get there.

I was so excited when an order of custom knits I placed in like October showed up the other day.  Fluff mail makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, lol.   AND now I have some fun knits to choose from for the testers I'm working on.   All around a win-win.

So let's hit the highlights... #22

#24 and #25 are these super cute pants from LittleKiwisCloset.... the Panelled Pants and Shorts.

I love testing for Lydia.  Her patterns are so well written, easy to follow, and she takes so much care with adjusting fit to get everything just perfect.  Basically, you can't go wrong with any of her patterns.  Connor is wearing the size 2 that I took in the elastic and shortened a little.  Inara is wearing the round one of the pants -- don't the bows just totally make the look??

 #26 is actually the shirt she is wearing above... no pattern, just two squares, shirring and a couple rolled hems.  Straps are ribbons from the same fabric line.

#27 and #28 are from another favorite pattern designer.. Candy Castle patterns... this is the Bubblegum Swing and matching doll dress for a customer order...

#29 and #30 were scarves... #32 is the Mini Garden Girl from Ellie Inspired... but #31 I want to show, because I just love love love it... it's the Mini Pixie from Ellie Inspired.
Don't mind her insane hair... my parents very graciously gave me money to go get my own doll so Inara doesn't destroy it, lol.  NO I am not too old for a doll.  I never wanted them when I was little, so why not now!

#33-#38 were birthday presents for Connor's little buddies from LiveYers/Wednesday morning McDonalds' playtime.

#39 is a Jackson Raglan that was a bit big on my little one, so I want to make him another with larger seam allowances.

#40 and #41 are worth showing off... These were also testers for Lydia from LittleKiwisCloset.  The
Stripwork Skirt, which also includes a pleated version that is on my list before I get through my 100!
The fit on these is perfect - not too short and not too long, and there is a twirly and slim fit version.  

And the last one for this week #42... when Inara picked this fabric, I cringed... I thought, we'll find a dress that I can break it up and not have it overwhelm.  Or, we'll do it in stripwork skirt.  Nope, she decided she wanted it in the Adelaide from Seamingly Smitten.

Looking at some of the listing photos, I wasn't convinced that I loved it, as it looked a bit like it might fall off, but we decided to give it a whirl.. .and you know what?  I love it!  I'm still not sold on the fabric, and I did do the hem a little differently so that the lining would peek out at the bottom, AND i want to make a sleeveless one that's reversible still, but the fit was nice and she calls it her "dreamy dress."
Slightly bright? lol.  Sometimes I look at her fabric choices and say "are you sure??"  The response I usually get is "mom, just trust me."  Seems to work out okay most of the time! 

Well, we're almost halfway there, right?  And its February :/  At this rate I'll be able to by fabric for Easter!!  I can do this!!!   Besides, I have some awesome friends, like my friend Kim, who sent me fabric mail this week, that included all sorts of fun stuff... fabric and FOE, and buttons, and needles ANNNDDD... these!!

Awesome right???  Thanks Kim!! You're keeping me motivated!!

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