Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pattern review: Tulip Tunic and Dress from Heidi & Finn

I was very excited to get chosen to test for the new pattern from Heidi & Finn.  My friend Megan saw the tester call and was like "look look!"  I was like, nah, there is no way, but then I got the awesome email and may have squealed a little.  H&F patterns are gorgeous - clean lines, modern chic look, totally perfect for my dress loving, but not frilly little girl. And they might remind me a bit of home... I have a whole NY Chic outfit planned for her from their patterns...

The Pattern:  The Tulip Tunic and Dress is available here.
Sizes: 12mo - 12  (can be purchased all together or split into 12mo-5t and 6-12)
Includes: digitized pattern pieces (noting direction of stretch) for all pieces except the collar which is given in measurements, clear, easy to follow instructions with full color images that are easy to follow.

The pattern started out as just a Tunic, which is perfect for over the leggings that little miss wears all the time, since she hates jeans, and I'm a meanie mommy and won't let her wear just skirts in winter.

First run of the pattern:
15 minutes printing and taping and cutting pieces (okay, I may have been watching Bones re-runs too)
15 minutes cutting out fabric
40 mins to sew (again, I may have started another episode... )

Main fabric is a lightweight jersey knit and collar, cuffs and bottom band are poly/cotton ribbing.

 The knit was a little slubby, and thin, so I wanted to see how it looked in a nicer weight knit.... 

Second run through...30 minutes to sew <clearly Bones is a bit distracting for me....>

I pulled out one of my custom prints for this one, and I am so glad I did...

This one is a cotton/lycra body, cuffs and collar, and bodice/sleeve and band are in a cotton interlock.

 AND I still have like 1/2yd of this awesome print yet for future use!!!

 *Note: I do not recommend an interlock band at the bottom, as the recovery is meh.

Inara knew exactly which fabric she wanted for the main print of the third one, and I do say, she made a good choice.  I love this print, and I had been hanging on to this last piece of it, sort of waiting for something to jump out at me.

So tunic #3 is done in an interlock bodice/sleeve, sort of a baby rib main, and cuffs, collar and band in ribbing.

All in all, we love it,  the instructions are clear and easy to follow, the finished product looks professional and we have received TONS of compliments when she wears them out.  Best compliment:
Lady in town: where did you buy that top?? My daughter would FLIP?

Inara: My mommy made it; its one of a kind.

I always ask Inara before signing up to test things for her, and this one was a huge YES right from the start.

Then when were given the option to test this as a dress, I jumped on it.  She loves dresses, and knit dresses are so nice and comfy, and the pattern combos made this just such a huge yes for us.

As a nod to the pattern name, we made the first one in a pretty tulip jersey knit, an interlock sleeve/bodice, and cuffs and collar in a bright spring green cotton/lycra.

Can you tell she loves it?? I may have taken the hem up slightly more than I intended to on this one, but its winter, so she'll wear leggings under it. What I discovered though, was that I had spread my gathers out across the bodice and it made the tush area poof a little on the dress version, which it didn't on the tunic.  She's got a bit of a butt on her, but can you see where it poofs? 

I wanted to see if I had done something weird, or if it was the way I did the gathers, so I sewed up one more, and this final one has taken its spot as current favorite dress.
When I made this one I basted it with the gathers spread, and found that it was my gathers causing the poof, so I took it apart and pushed the gathers more toward the middle, which totally took care of any tush-poof.  Only one or two other testers commented that they had the issue, so it may be in part the type of knit you use as well?  Anyways, if you make yours and have some poof, there's how to fix it!

^^  This is the face of a totally happy little girl!

Sometimes you have a testing experience that goes sort of meh, this was NOT one of those times.  Christine was responsive, helpful, and involved.  She took all feedback and promptly made any needed changes.  I feel like a positive testing experience says something important about a designer, and Heidi and Finn has made this experience great.  I highly recommend this pattern to anyone looking for a great, modern, well fitting top.  And, don't worry, I've already added some more to my Etsy cart (you should too) and will definitely be writing about more of their lovely patterns!

And a funny note to end on... Little man HATES when its not his turn for pictures... so he picked out his own outfit and pushed her out of the way....  He's got the posing down, huh?


  1. Your kiddos are just so cute! I really like the Tulip Dress. If I had a little girl to sew for, I'm sure I would be making it!

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