Thursday, December 18, 2014

December Sewing is more time consuming than I thought!

I had no intentions of posting in the month of December, mostly because things are hectic around here (where are they not?).  BUT I've just done so much sewing that I wanted to share some pics so if you are a last minute gift maker, like I am, you have some options...

Here is Inara in E+M Patterns Skirt No. 18

I really like Allison's patterns because I get a great serger break.  They are designed so even if you don't have a serger, you will get a garment with a totally finished look.

The sizing on the skirt is perfect and it is just so much fun to pick patterns to mix with it.

Approx Sewing time: 90 minutes
Size Range: 2 -10
Cost: $8.00
What makes it special: the lovely scalloped edge on the topskirt and the ability to sew serger free.
Get the pattern here

And after finishing Inara's outfit, I decided that I wanted a coordinating one for Connor:

Connor is wearing the Little Kiwi's Closet Panel Pants which are a wardrobe staple for him.

Approximate Sewing time: 1hr
Size Range: 2 -12
Cost: $9.00
What makes it special: works in both woven and knit fabrics; cute bow detail option for girls; and great for accenting contrast prints
Get the pattern here

This is the Bubblegum Dress from Candy Castle Patterns with the Lollipop Pi add on skirt.  The skirt is either a solid or paneled circle skirt.

Approximate sewing time: 2hours
Size Range: NB- 14
Cost: $8.00 for bubblegum pattern +$5.50 for addon
What makes it special: Really cute with great twirl factor and lots of different options and the add-on comes with pieces and instructions to make a skirt as well.
Get the pattern here and the Add on here

Awesome Slippers from Filles a Maman.  These are perfect Christmas present!

Approximate sewing time: 1 hour
Size Range: XXS-4XL (approximately ages 2 through adult male)
Cost: $9.79 (with today's conversion rate)
What makes it special: These fit the whole family and are great for using up knit and fleece scraps. And if you want some added cushion to them, add a layer of fleece inside the no slip bottom!
Get the pattern here

Little Kiwi's Closet Peek-a-boo Outerwear

Approximate sewing time: 1-2 hours depending on options you use
Size Range: NB-12
Cost: $10.00
What makes it special: SO many options! Pullover/snaps/Zipper, hooded or collar, sleeves or vest, and lots of pocket choices.  The jacket version is lined, so it is perfect for places like here where winter is mild but still cold.
Get the pattern here

Mingo and Grace Blake Dress - the second pattern from this designer and its gorgeous

Approximate sewing time: 2hours
Size Range: 2-6
Cost: $8.00 (on sale right now!)
What makes it special: Professional techniques and a gorgeous twirl - with big pleats and inset pockets.  Has a racer back and zipper closure.
Get the pattern here 

Otium Sweater from Sofilantjes - perfect for your Holiday events!

Approximate sewing time: 2hours
Size Range: XS- 3XL
Cost: $9.95 *or bundle with the girl's sizes for $15
What makes it special: Cool cross body front pocket option, bow back option, and 3 sleeve options. Also has coordinating girl's pattern that is a big hit with my daughter!
Get the pattern here 

Autumn Grace from Ellie Inspired

Approximate sewing time: Varies! If you smock the insert yourself it will take longer - this was a presmocked insert and instead of a tiered skirt I used 19" x WOF x2.
Size Range: 1- 16
Cost: $9.95
What makes it special: Insert instructions included for smocking your insert or you can use an embroidered insert or contrast print.  Pattern has instructions for shirred or elastic casing on the back, and beautiful tiered skirt.
Get the pattern here 

And last but not least... and perfect for Holiday PJs:

 The Oliver & S Sleepover Pajams

I did these as part of a sew-along with Whimsical Fabric.  I love her sew-alongs because each lesson you complete you are entered to win a prize (patterns, shop credit, etc).

Approximate sewing time: 2-3 hours (but this is my first Oliver & S pattern, so maybe faster if you're used to their style)
Size Range: two size groupings 6m-4 and 5-12
Cost: $15.95 (I know it seems spendy, but they are nice patterns and Whimsical has a discount code when you buy multiple patterns!)
What makes it special: Ruffle or not ruffled option, professionally written with great techniques and they will make perfect Christmas jammies!!
Get the pattern here 

Well if you are still madly sewing for Christmas, check these out for some ideas... if you're me, there are still more things to make... Hopefully Friday night I will get the last of the sewing done!! <cross fingers>

Happy Holidays to everyone and happy sewing!

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