Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pattern Review: Laurelette Dress and Tunic From Greenstyle Creations

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that Greenstyle Creations is one of my go to designers for patterns for me.  In fact, I made a whole bunch of things for me as part of the Greenstyle Essential Wardrobe Blog Tour.  

One of the items I made was the Laurel, which has this awesome cowl neck, and is just so perfect for moving into fall.  So when Angelyn started talking about doing a girl's version, I was so excited.  And the girls version is pretty spectacular....

Meet The Laurelette

The Details...
Sizes 12/18mo through 13/14
4 sleeve lengths + sleeveless options
Dress or Tunic length (with high-low option available in both lengths)
Cowl neck or binding
Pleated or Flat back options

This is our Tunic length version.  I used an interlock for the bodice and jersey for the cowl and "skirt" portion.  I love the varying sleeve lengths with this pattern.  This is the "elbow" length option, with the pleated back skirt.  The pattern includes a pleated front for all options, but if you want a little extra fullness, use the pleated back as well.  Inara of course insisted on pockets... because, well POCKETS!!!

After we finished our tunic, I realized how much I just love this pattern, so I decided to whip up a dress version as well to show off. 

  My child isn't always cooperative, as you know... but this is the 3/4 length sleeves, binding on the neck, dress length, flat back with pockets.  The bodice is in a jersey, and the rest of the dress is done in my awesome Rudolph print cotton/lycra.  Its not too early for a Christmas dress right??

Here... now pretend it's snowing...

Perfect!  Merry Christmas!!  Okay, so maybe it's a little early for a Christmas dress, but the Misfit Toys are cool year round.  And she loves it, so its a win in my book.

For all of the options that you get with this pattern, it is totally worth it.  Like all of the Greenstyle Patterns, it is easy to assemble the pattern pieces.  The pieces are clearly labeled and the pattern itself is easy to follow along.  This pattern took me about  90 minutes to make, including cutting.  Which is great for us, because I tend to spend about that long just picking out fabric! 

Greenstyle patterns are really reasonably priced AND while you're there getting your Laurelette, check out her discount codes for multiple purchases... I have loved every Greenstyle pattern that I've sewn and their Facebook Group is really friendly if you have any questions! 

You should also check out her Facebook group for awesome details on the upcoming Laurel and Laurelette Sewalong!! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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