Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pants and Pants and Pants and Shorts

I had the awesome chance to test for PetitBebeCreatioNZ.  As the name implies, she's located in New Zealand.  A friend had commented that she was in the group and there was a cute pair of pants going in for testing, and I had been searching for something just a little different for the kids as winter is coming and pants can be SO BORING.  So I asked to join and volunteered to test for both Inara and Connor (there's the first plus - any pattern that I can use for both genders is awesome).
Meet the Chapsters.  Pattern available here !
What you can't see here is her complaining MOM no one wants to see my BUTT!

 This pair was the second pair I made -- they are a combo of a cool double knit and cotton woven. -- I will say this combo removes the issue that you'll have with overhang if you don't pin properly.  Pin properly?  What could that possibly mean? First, you need to see the front... Here's the first pair I made Connor as well.
We will call this the failed modelling session.  Out of like 30 pictures, this was one of the best!
So the pants are constructed by sewing the two curved pieces together, both of which are sort of cut along the bias.  This means two things... even the wovens have a little bit of stretch, so you need to be careful not to distort as you sew, and sewing two inverted curve pieces together takes a little bit of pinning.  I usually reach for my wonder clips, but this pattern is definitely easier if you pin.  Because of the curve you need to pin both ends, the mid point of the curve, and then ease the pieces together and fill in the pins.  It sounds more confusing than it is... these pants start to finish an under two hour sew... and that includes cutting, stopping to snuggle the baby, pinning, stopping to play ABC mouse, sewing, stopping for Veggietales dance party.... etc...

**point of clarification.. that includes printing/pattern piecing/cutting/sewing (and the at least 45 minutes of interruptions)

So first note, I love this pattern. The testing process was extremely thorough - the sizes were checked, adjusted, and checked again, so the fit is great on them.  Right now they are available in NB-5yrs, but she is working on grading/testing up through 12yrs.   You all know I LOVE picking out fabrics and mixing and matching, so this pattern was right up my alley.  It can be made in knits, woven, or a combo of the two.  It also has a shorts and pants version, which is good in New Zealand, since it is summer, but here the shorts version is making some great PJs for my small children who always seem to be hot.  I made a bunch of them during testing, and more afterwards, so get ready for a TON of pictures...

 Note:  These are on a cloth diaper and the fit is still great!

 I have no idea what she's doing here...the back of these is Hello  Kitty
 These were a tester size 18-24 months which my new friend Heather volunteered her crazy cute little man to model for. 

These are RUGRATS!!!  (and Flannel) but RUGRATS!  Or as Inara calls it "the baby show."  

 These are the first round of shorts, that ended up being a little too long, so they were shortened, but the kids love them and they are Wow Wow Wubbzy (thanks Megan for the fabric!)
I have since upgraded my measuring tape... (awesome right? - this one was just stuck down with double sided tape, and held up pretty well until the kids decided to cut it in like three places...)

This set is a size 3-6mo pant and a size 6mo  Peek-a-Boo Hangout Hoodie (we all know how much I love this pattern) with a lined hood.  This is for Heather's other little cutie and I LOVE how it turned out.  I've been hoarding these skulls for like a year too! 

 ANNNDD finally here are the shorts... they are like a board short length, and made super cute jammie sets for the kids.. I just did quick appliques on a couple of $2 clearance tees from Joann's.  Inara was so sad that her's didn't glow in the dark like her brother's, but she said the print was too "boyish."  So then this last week I found a pretty glow in the dark sky print that is just stars, so now she has been BEGGING for a pair, which as soon as I can get through the PILE of stuff on my cutting table that is screaming SEW ME! SEW ME! I will get right on them, lol.

Say hello to my cutting table... it is pretty useless at the moment... and my ironing bin is full of washed stuff to iron and cut...  Okay, off to get the kids to bed so I can whittle down the to-dos!